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Why the Power LED lamp on the printer flashing RED?

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The following can cause the Power LED lamp to flash RED:


A. The printer is having problem feeding out the label, not detecting a cassette tape or a "Cutter" error.


B. The cassette tape "Size" in the printer does not match the tape "Size" selected in the software.


Note: In this case, the Power LED is lit in GREEN at the beginning and flashing RED after "Print" is clicked. 


C. There is a communication error between the PC and the label printer.


Please follow the steps below to isolate the problem.


1. See if there is an error message on the PC screen; it may give a clue to why the Power LED is flashing RED.


2. Turn the printer OFF, disconnect the USB cable from printer and turn printer back ON again.  The Power LED should light up in GREEN.  If not, turn OFF the printer and check the area where the tape exits from the printer.  Remove any tape that may have jammed inside the printer.  Turn ON the printer; if the Power LED continues to flash RED, then the printer needs service.


3. Press the FEED/CUT button, the Power LED should remain GREEN.  


Note: This test is to ensure there is no mechanical issue with the printer.


If flashes RED, examine the cassette tape; ensure there are no vertical black stripes on the tape.  If there are, the cassette tape is empty, needs to be replaced.


Ensure the printer can feed and cut off the tape when the FEED/CUT button is pressed, if not the printer needs service.


4. Turn on Editor Lite mode and connect USB cable to printer.


5. Launch the build-in Editor Lite software; ensure the tape Size selected in the software matches the cassette tape Size in the printer, both visually and by clicking on the Check Media icon (below the Font type) and then try printing a test label. 


Note: This test is to ensure the printer sensors, USB I/F and PC USB I/F are functional.

If the cassette tape "Size" in the printer does not match the "Size" selected in the software, the Power LED flashes RED when "Print" is clicked.


If both tape "Size" (software and printer) matches and Power LED changes from GREEN to flashing RED or "Communication error" message appears when attempting to print a label:


A. Ensure that the USB cable is connected at both ends.


B. If the USB cable connected to a hub, try connecting the USB cable directly to the PC.


C. Try connecting the USB cable to another USB port of the PC.


D. Try another USB cable.


E.  If possible, try connecting the printer to another PC.


6.  If flashing RED only occur in P-touch Editor 5.1 and both tape "Size" (software and printer) matches, try un-install and re-installing the driver.


If the problem persists, your machine may require service.


The machine has a two year limited exchange warranty. If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) for warranty options.


If the machine is out of warranty, contact a Brother Authorized Service Center for repair by clicking on the link below:

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