PRODUCTS: IP-44 Mini BG, BH, and BF2 Series

In-line, Mini BG Gearing:

All hard finished steel helical gearing! Provides quiet operation, superior shock load resistance compared to competitive models using spur type gears.

Rt-angle, Mini BH Gearing:

All hardened steel Hypoid / Helical combination! Provides superior life, cooler operation, and compact size compared to competitive soft bronze worm gearing.

Rt-angle, Mini BF2 Gearing:

Featuring the same all hardened steel Hypoid / Helical combination as the BH type. This hollow bore design allows the elimination of chain drives and couplings to save space and reduce machine maintenance.


Premium ball bearings provide efficient torque transfer and good overhung load capacity.


High-grade synthetic grease is factory filled to proper level.

Shaft seals:

Quality NBR rubber, spring set lip type seals provide good wear resistance over a wide temperature range.

Housing seals:

Machine slip fit "O" rings are used. Leaky compressed gaskets are not used!


Any angle, any direction, full warranty! No breather or oil plugs are required.


Precision die cast aluminum, coated using an electrocoat process for superior resistance to industrial environments.

Third Party:

All standard voltages are UL, Cul (CSA), and CE marked.

Mini BG

Mini BG

Gearing: 100% Hardened steel helical gearing

Helical gearing runs quieter and provides greater torque and shock load capacity than competitive spur/helical selectively hardened combinations.

Mini BH

Mini BH

Gearing: 100% Hardened steel Hypoid/Helical gearing

Hypoid gearing is up to 80% more efficient than competitive worm gears. The Brother all steel Hypoid/Helical combination has much better wear properties than softer bronze worm gearing. Brother Hypoid gearmotors last longer! Hypoid gearing runs cooler than worm gears.