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Professional Series Inkjet with Full 11"x17" Capability and Dual Paper Trays

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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Big Help
October 14, 2014
By Mapman from Washington, D.C.
I originally purchased a MFCJ6710DW because it had the 11 x 17" scan bed. I used it to scan newspapers and historical documents that are now beginning to disintegrate. My MFC-J6720DW replaced my MFC-J6710DW after a broken piece of equipment made printing impossible (something like Error50 message). The 6720 has all the capabilities of the 6710, including 2-sided scanning and printing (although I haven't been able to figure out how to do it). The 6720 is also more compact and much lighter. Printing quality is average so I would not use it for printing photos, etc. It was easy to connect my iPad to the printer using the wireless capabilities. The only difficulty is that if you want to print on an 11 x 17" piece of paper, the paper need to be fed in from the back. All and all, a good, all-around printer. I wish Brother would make a laser printer with a 11 x 17 scan bed.
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Use Home (Personal Use)
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Overall Rating: 2 out of 5
Very Disappointed
July 17, 2014
By SCLAY820 from Virginia
I researched many all-in-one machines before purchasing this one. I purchased it based on other reviews and it seemed to fir my needs. It has some really impressive features but mine gives me an error message after every page I print saying to "reload paper tray" I also have issues with the manual feed slot, it takes 2-3 tries before the printer recognizes there is paper in the slot. Very frustrating when you are trying to be productive. All other features seem to work OK, I am let down on the quality of color copies.
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Use Medium Business (26 to 999 Employees)
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
MFC-J6720DW - A Good Purchase
June 27, 2014
By ChipsNChips from Beaumont, Texas
I wanted several features in a new printer. Large format printing (11" x 17") with minimum borders was a must as I do engineering drawings. Also two sided printing, ability to print on label stock and card stock, copying, and faxing. The yearly ink costs for my old printer was really excessive so lower ink cost was also a must. This printer seems to meet them all and then some.

With two paper trays that each hold an inch high stack of paper, up to the 11 x 17 size, paper loading should be much less frequent. And the rear, manual feed slot is excellent for thicker stock, like card stock or labels because it has a straight paper path through the machine so die cut labels should not be stripped off. I have seen some reviews that criticized the rear position of this manual feed slot, but the rear position actually is the best place for it due to the ability to feed die cut label stock or other heavy stock because it avoids the necessity of making a "U" turn inside the machine as would be necessary with a front, manual feed slot. As I said above, a "U" turn like this tends to strip labels off their backing sheet. I have fought this problem in other printers and it is no fun taking the printer apart to remove all those stripped labels from the various parts of the paper path. Brother should point this out as the great feature it is in their sales literature.

The 11 x 17 scanner is a real bonus feature and will allow me to scan and copy drawings and other technical documents in that larger size. I am already scanning record album covers for inclusion in my digital music collection. This is a great feature.

Installation was a bit lengthy and I did make an initial mistake, but Brother tech assistance was quite helpful and I now have it installed on four computers; 3 Windows 7 and an older, Windows XP system. That initial mistake was easily rectified by just running through the installation disk a second time and had I just known that, I would not have had to call Brother. I actually did so in an abundance of caution.

I print a fair amount of color photos and I was concerned about the quality of photo prints. I tried some photos on plain paper and the results were disappointing. But then, they were similar to what my old printer produced on plain paper, perhaps just a bit lower in contrast. The Brother printer driver software does allow some very sophisticated adjustments to the photo quality and I did play with it a bit. But I then tried to use some photo type paper and the results were just excellent on the first try. The paper I used was not the Brother brand so I can only assume that the results will be as good or better with their, recommended paper.

I have seen reviews of this printer that critiqued the noise level. I noticed in the set-ups that there is a quiet mode that you can select, but I did not as I wanted to see just how noisy it was. While it may not be the quietest printer that I have ever used, it is FAR from the noisiest. I would place it in the average category in this respect. I have mine installed at the left side of my desk, on a separate printer stand so it is about an arm's length away. I can reach the touch screen with my left hand without shifting my position. I find that the sound level is entirely satisfactory, in spite of this close proximity. I have to wonder if those critical reviews were perhaps written by employees of other printer companies.

The black and white prints on standard paper are a little low in contrast. Not to the point of being unacceptable and I probably would not have noticed it if I did not have my older printer to compare them to. One suggestion for improvement would be to make the black ink a bit darker. Unless that would mess up the excellent photo printing capability.

Another small disappointment is the speed of producing prints. After reading the specifications, I really expected faster operation. For plain, black text, in Normal mode, the first page takes about 20 seconds to start printing, but subsequent pages are somewhat faster, perhaps 15 seconds each. I am sure that the manufacturer developed standards for rating the speed of producing prints are written in their favor, but it would be better to do this spec. in a more realistic manner.

Overall this is an excellent printer and a great value for the price. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in a printer of it's general capability.
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Use Home Office (Business Use)
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Brother MFC-J6720DW
June 13, 2014
By Carlo from Binghamton, NY
Works as expected. Scans in a reasonable time up to the 11x17 size. Prints with a good quality, great for a light duty office printer.
Expertise Casual User
Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned 3
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