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Utilities: Full-Page Mobile Printing Solutions
The PocketJet6 Series will be discontinued as of March 31st, 2016. Please see our New PocketJet7 Series today!

Full-Page Mobile Printing Solutions for Utilities

Fast full-page printing of GIS field maps, switching diagrams, schematics, and detailed instructions.

8.5 wide cut-sheet page printing
8.5" wide cut-sheet page printing

Distributing data electronically to and collecting data from handhelds and laptops in the field, and full-page printing of that data on-site, can help reduce unnecessary paperwork and redundant data entry. Full-page work order printing in the field from laptops and handhelds can also reduce time wasted traveling to and from the dispatching office.

PocketJet® 6 printers can go wherever your techs go
PocketJet® 6 printers can go wherever your techs go

Brother™ PocketJet® 6 printers can help utility crews and field techs to perform more efficiently and safely by providing full-page switching diagrams, GIS field maps, updated maps of pipelines and underground lines, electrical substation maintenance reports, inspection reports, parts lists, and more. With these full-page printing solutions your crews and service techs can print high-quality text, pictures and graphics on-site, all on cut-sheet or continuous-roll thermal paper up to 8.5" wide. They can also be used for printing estimates, customer histories, customer notifications, audit reports, repair receipts and even invoices on site from a crews’ handhelds or laptops, helping to lead to fewer errors from handwriting, higher productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.

Get the mobile solution you can rely on – even in extreme heat or cold.

Enjoy full-page printing of work orders, switching diagrams, GIS field maps and more with crisp text and pictures, when you need them, on-site or from your vehicles, even in extreme conditions. The thermal printing technology of the PocketJet® 6 has been proven reliable from the scorching heat of Arizona to the frigid cold of Alaska.

8.5 wide cut-sheet page printing

No inks. No toners. Better reliability – less to worry about in the field.

PocketJet® 6 mobile printers don’t rely on inks that can freeze or leak, or toners you have to replace. There’s only one consumable – premium Brother™ thermal papers. And with fewer moving parts to break, there’s less to go wrong in the field.

Connect these low-maintenance printers wirelessly to their handhelds or laptops via an optional Bluetooth® technology interface*

Easy to use. Easy to maintain. By almost anyone.

These compact, lightweight printers wirelessly connect to your handhelds or laptops via an optional Bluetooth® technology interface*, or to Apple® iPad® and iPhone® devices◊ with the PocketJet® 673, are easy to use by workers with limited computer experience, and require minimal maintenance.

Print full-page documents fast.

PocketJet® 6 mobile printers print at up to 6ppm, making them among the fastest mobile printers on the market today. Since your techs will be able to print their documents fast in the field, there can be less wasted time between completing service and moving on to the next work site.

Easily adaptable to the way your techs work now.

At only about 10" in length, about 2" wide and 1.25" high, and weighing about 1.3 lbs. including the NiMH battery, PocketJet® 6 printers are among the smallest and lightest full-page mobile printers. So they can go wherever your techs go for on-site work order printing, printing of estimates and inspections, and much more. Most utilities employ a vehicle-mounted* solution, but since they are so compact, they’ll also easily fit in a tool bag to print full-page just-in-time documents from handhelds.

*Requires additional purchase.
◊ Requires download of a software development kit from the Brother Developer Center.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
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PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
  • Up to 6ppm, at 300 dpi resolution
  • Prints up to 8.5" wide
  • Compact – only 10" x 2" x 1.25"
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but with:
  • Up to 6ppm, at 200 dpi resolution
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but for:
  • Printing from Apple® iPad® and iPhone® devices◊
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