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P-touch EDGE® PT-7500 & PT-7600 rugged labeling tools, built tough to handle the rigors of the field
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PT-E550W - With wireless connectivity and auto cutter
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P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W, industrial labeling tool with wireless connectivity and auto cutter.
Industrial labeling tool with wireless connectivity and auto cutter
  • Prints durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide and heat-shrink tube*
  • Wi-Fi® interface to transfer files from and print directly to Windows®, iOS®, and Android™ devices;
  • Dual blade auto cutter for easy-peel labels in strips
  • Includes download capabilities and label-design software
  • Built-in label application keys
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Uses a wide variety of tape colors, sizes and adhesive types
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P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W – With wireless connectivity and auto cutter

The PT-E550W is the newest addition to our EDGE® line and the most full-featured yet with a wireless (802.11b/g) interface for transferring data and printing directly from Windows®, iOS® and Android™ mobile devices, and a dual-blade auto cutter that helps you produce easy peel labels in strips. With the templates, files and databases your crews will need at the jobsite already in the PT-E550W, your crews can save time, minimize keystrokes, and improve accuracy.

The PT-E550W can also add a new level of flexibility to handle changes at the job site in real time for anyone now generating sheet labels for their projects. Just transfer the same exported file used for printing those labels into the PT-E550W. Then, if there’s a change or replacement labels are needed, don’t panic – simply send the data to a smartphone or tablet at the site and quickly print what’s needed right there.

Designed by industry professionals for industry professionals, the PT-E550W prints wider labels up to 24mm wide – including heat shrink tube – and is ideal for large, complex IT projects.

Continuing our dedication to ease of use within our EDGE® line, the PT-E550W combines powerful technology with advanced features and intuitive operation that make the labeling job faster, simpler and more efficient for your entire crew – without the need to read a manual.

Key features of the P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W include:

  • QWERTY style keyboard and rugged easy-to-grip design allows comfortable one or two-hand operation that makes entering data as easy as texting or sending a message.
  • Large backlit graphical LCD display provides at-a-glance view of label design settings, and allows you to preview and edit label content before you print.
  • Automatic smart font-sizing technology enables printing of clearly formed, readable characters on durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide – including heat shrink tube – perfect for conforming to the short and long ANSI/EIA/TIA 606x identifier format
  • Built-in dual-blade automatic cutter can be set to cut labels to specified lengths, whether they are for labeling faceplates, patch panels, punch blocks or general cable runs.
  • Wireless (802.11b/g) and USB connectivity and built-in software allow you to download and store data from common databases, as well as custom or pre-formatted label templates, to help save time and minimize human error when generating labels with text, symbols and barcodes at the job site.
  • Faster label printing speeds, – up to 30mm per second – and automated label cutting, can help speed labeling onsite and boost installation efficiency and productivity.
  • Convenient, all-in-one drop-in cartridge design makes it fast and easy to switch between HGe or TZe laminated labels and heat shrink tube. Just swap the cartridge! Perfect when you need a smooth, lasting heat shrink identifier for narrow gage or bundled wire and cable.*
  • Advanced Alpha and Numeric Serializing allows installers to quickly pre-print labels for a project by automatically incrementing a number and/or letter individually or simultaneously.

With the Brother P-touch EDGE® PT-E550W industrial labeling tool, marking wire or cable installations of any size has never been easier. And with the PT-E550W’s wireless connectivity to download and store data and templates for use in the field, it can help minimize keystrokes and human error on the job site.

Smart technology, rugged construction and intuitive operation, with clearly marked buttons and easy-to-follow menus, can help make even the most complex projects go faster. Now, everyone can mark cable systems that can withstand the test of time and meet many of the highest professional standards.

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All specifications subject to change without notice.

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