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No more PRICEY design cartridges! No PC required! ScanNCut is the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with the magic of a built-in scanner – to introduce a whole new world of innovation to you!

300 DPI Built-in Scanner

300 DPI Built-in Scanner

Scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more – to create endless cut designs and save to the machine’s memory.



Scan in your design or image and the ScanNCut machine will create cut lines automatically for cutting or drawing. Save the data, then simply cut or draw.

600 Built-in Designs

600 Built-In Designs, Including 100 Quilt Patterns, plus 5 Fonts

Choose from basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts and more. Simply select a design, and then have it cut out on your material of choice.

Fabric Cut

Fabric Cut

Cut precise fabric shapes with ease! Pairing the erasable draw function with cutting, this machine offers the unique feature of drawing your seam allowance and provides precise sewing guidelines.

Direct Cut

Direct Cut

ScanNCut will scan your material, create the outline cuts, and allow you to select your design straight from the surface to cut out. Eliminate the hassle of hand-cutting designs from your favorite papers and fabrics!

Pen Draw

Pen Draw

The ScanNCut machine gives you the ability to change your cut file – whether it’s from a previous scanned image or a built-in design – and replicate the design into a drawing in virtually seconds! Pen holder required. The color pen set, erasable pen set and pen holder are optional accessories, available for additional purchase.

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ScanNCut Kit

Standard Cut Blade

The Standard Cut Blade can be used to cut a wide range of both fabric and paper! For use with ScanNCut Standard Cut Blade Holder.

Standard Cut Blade Holder

For use with ScanNCut Standard Cut Blade.

Deep Cut Blade

Let the Deep Cut Blade do the hard work for you! This specially designed blade was made to cut thick materials like felt, denim and even leather. For use with ScanNCut Deep Cut Blade Holder.

Deep Cut Blade Holder

For use with ScanNCut Deep Cut Blade.

Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12” x 12”

Specially designed for delicate or thin paper like printer paper or vellum, cutting up to 12” x 12”.

Standard Mat 12” x 12”

Specially designed for a wide range of materials from fabrics to handmade papers, cutting up to 12” x 12”.


For peeling off, or for firmly attaching materials on mat.


For easy on-screen edits on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display.

High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet (Qty 2)

Designed for multiple uses (depending on fabric type). Use with Standard Mat for cutting. For cutting patterns without seam allowance, use Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet. Apply sheet with adhesive area on the mat.

Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet (Qty 2)

Iron-on permanent sheet for back of fabric. Use with Standard Mat for cutting. For Piecing projects like patchwork, use High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet. Not for use on textured fabrics that cannot be ironed.

Accessory Pouch

For easy storage of your accessories.


Additional accessories, including the color pen set, erasable pen set and pen holder are available for purchase during checkout.

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Developed with the advanced, cutting-edge technology that Brother is known for, ScanNCut is truly an incredible innovation in electronic die cutting machines - giving artists the freedom to make truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations with the push of a button. Check out some of these great features you'll be sure to admire.

Background Scan

Background Scan

See your scanned image on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display, open your cut design and, using the Stylus, move the cut design over the desired area for a perfect cut without measuring or using a computer.



Combine shapes, hand drawings, fonts and more directly on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display. Combine detailed or intricate cuts to group designs into one piece prior to cutting.

Space Saving Auto Layout Capabilities

Space Saving Auto Layout Capabilities

View your scanned image on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display and see the exact placement of where your designs will lie on the material prior to cutting them out. Utilize even the smallest scraps.

Scan to USB

Scan to USB

Scan virtually anything into your machine to be saved as a cut file. As a bonus, use ScanNCut to scan important documents, files, artwork and photographs, and save to your USB to be used for future use. USB not included.

On-Screen Editing

On-Screen Editing

Customize designs directly on the bright 3.7” color LCD touch screen display. Change the shape, size, or position, even using just part of a design. Create fully detailed designs to your liking – all without the use of a computer or expensive design cartridges.

Seam Allowance and Sewing Guidelines

Seam Allowance & Sewing Guidelines

The ScanNCut machine gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in ¼” increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for quilts, clothing and more. You can even utilize the erasable pen (pens available for additional purchase) to create sewing guide lines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placements of your stitches.

Large Scanning and Cutting Area

Large Scanning & Cutting Area

Using the included 12” x 12” Cutting Mat, or the 12” x 24” Cutting Mat (available for additional purchase), easily create and cut a wide variety of designs. Plus, the cutting mats double as a scanning mat for ease of use!

Project Samples Header

Creating projects with ScanNCut is both fun and easy! Get inspired with these amazing projects!

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“ScanNCut machine by Brother is the easiest cutting machine that you will find out there in the crafting market. All you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and it’s ready to go!”

- Liz Hicks

“I spend so much time on the computer that it’s an amazing relief to be able to go into my craft room and make something with ScanNCut and not need to touch that computer.”

- Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

“You no longer have to stabilize your fabric to get the machine to cut it…with the Brother ScanNCut you just use the fabric stabilizing sheet and you can cut out individual patchwork pieces. So it’s not just for appliqué anymore.”

- Vanessa Vargas Wilson

“It’s so simple. You can get rid of so many other machines, contraptions, cartridges. All that stuff that’s cluttering up your life, get rid of it and get the ScanNCut.”

- Erin Bassett

“I can cut so much more than paper, fabric and vinyl. I was able to cut wood veneer, leather, chip board and other things that are so hard to cut out by hand.”

- Kacia Hosmer

“The ScanNCut is so lightweight and portable that I have no problem packing up my supplies, my ScanNCut and off I go!”

- Lorraine Mason

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