‘Ariel’ Doll Sleeping Bag (For 18" Dolls)

~Written by Brother Sews Blogger

Every 18” doll can get Princess quality beauty rest in this cozy sleeping bag. With your Brother embroidery machine and Disney’s Princess Signature Collection
from iBroidery.com
, you can make this quick and easy project.  Brother’s embroidery machines can stitch Ariel or other Disney royalty onto unique garments and accessories for girls of all sizes.  This diminutive accessory is a welcome gift for any little lady who loves her dolls.



  • Yellow fabric (bag exterior) 27" x 13" and 17" x 13"
  • ‘Ariel’ fabric (lining) 27" x 13" and 17" x 13"
  • Small amount (3 handfuls) of Poly-fil®
  • Stabilizer
  • Thread for embroidery and construction
  • Ariel name
    (embroidery design from iBroidery)
  • Ariel logo
    (embroidery design from iBroidery)
  • 4" x 4" embroidery hoop
  • Optional: Novelty fish and shell buttons


Embroidery Directions:

  1. Hoop stabilizer and 17" x 13" yellow fabric in your 4" x 4" hoop.
  2. Embroider ‘Ariel’ logo. (Center design horizontally and at 6.5" from lower edge horizontally and 6.5" from lower edge.)
  1. Hoop stabilizer and 27" x 13" yellow fabric in your 4" x 4" frame. Position fabric as shown, with design center at 2.5" from the 13" raw edge and centered horizontally.



Construction (All seam allowances are 1/4".)

  1. Stack logo embroidered yellow fabric and ‘Ariel’ fabric with right sides together. Take care to place ‘Ariel’ fabric with heads pointing up toward the top of the bag.
  2. Stitch two pieces together, leaving a 4" opening at the bottom for turning the piece right side out.
  3. Turn right side out, whip opening closed and press.
  4. Repeat with the two larger pieces (one ‘Ariel’ fabric seamed to yellow ‘Ariel’ name embroidery).
  5. There are now two flat, completely lined pieces.
2 lined piecesx
  1. Note that ‘Ariel’ name is positioned upside down.
  2. Flip yellow ‘Ariel’ name piece over, exposing ‘Ariel’ fabric. Fold embroidered name down 4", rendering a doubled piece 4" x 12 1/2" for pillow.
  3. Topstitch pillow in place on one short side and along the long side, through all layers. Leave one short side unstitched.
  4. Stuff opening with Poly-fil® and topstitch closed.
  5. Stack logo embroidered piece on larger piece, matching three sides.
  6. Topstitch down the left 16 1/2" side, across 12 1/2" bottom, and up 10" on third side. This leaves a 6 1/2" flap for sliding in the doll.
  7. Tuck a doll in for the night.
bag finished

Final Project

large Poly-fil® is a product of Fairfield, and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such products.