Lip Gloss Holder Free SVG file and Tutorial

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Supplies and tools:
FREE SVG file {from Life Sew Savory}
● Scraps of fun fabric
● ScanNCut DX Iron-On Fabric Applique sheet
● Light fusible interfacing
● Key chain rings
ScanNCut DX machine {or hand cut pattern from PDF}
Sewing machine
How cute are these little handmade lip gloss holders? I can never find my lip gloss, so I’m hoping with these new holders that I will always have one handy. I’m putting one on my keys and another on my purse - just in case. This fun and easy tutorial is a great way to help you keep your makeup organized!I’ve got a super easy sewing tutorial for you today, so let’s just dive right in.

First, grab the free project file from the link above in the supplies list. Download and unzip the file and then you will see these options. One PDF shows you the layout and has text, one is for if you are going to cut by hand and the third is the SVG for importing to your ScanNCut DX. I will show you how to use this version.
Import the SVG to your Canvas Workspace software and you will see this. The yellow on the left shows the button to import the SVG and on the right I’ve highlighted the image layer. This logo/image will not cut when you send it to your machine. Just wanted to note that. Only one layer is set to cut, as seen with the knife icon.
*IMAGE 1**
Send to your machine and get cutting.
You can cut the fabric two ways. The preferred way is to iron on the ScanNCut DX applique sheet onto the back of the fabric for instant interfacing and better cutting. Peel off the paper backing after pressing.

Make sure to put the thin fabric blade on your ScanNCut DX. Also, do a test cut before starting to cut the whole design.

*IMAGE 10**
Press the applique sheet side down on your mat with the print side of the fabric up. Cut the design, but only cut two of the four pieces. Or, you can cut all four and make two holders.
**IMAGE 12

**IMAGE 13
I just pushed stop after it cut two as I only wanted to make one with this fabric.
**IMAGE 14
Now you should have two cut pieces of fabric with the applique backing.
**IMAGE 15
Another way is to cut two pieces of interfacing and two of fabric. Here’s how I laid it out on my mat for that version. Then cut all four pieces.

**IMAGE 11
If you are sewing the version with interfacing, fuse it to the back of your fabric pieces before continuing.
**IMAGE 16
With right sides together, pin or clip the two pieces together.  

**IMAGE 17
Start at the top right {above the curve} and sew down the side, across the bottom and up the other side. Leave the top open for turning.  
**IMAGE 18

**IMAGE 19
Clip the corners and curve close to the seam.

**IMAGE 20
Use a thin object to turn the fabric right side out. Poke out the corners with a small scissors {carefully!} or pencil.
**IMAGE 21
Press to flatten. If you used the ScanNCut DX applique material, it will actually fuse the pieces together.
**IMAGE 22
Add the key rings to the curved neck part.
**IMAGE 23
Fold the top to the back side and pin or clip. If you used interfacing you will need to fold the raw seam allowance of the top to the inside. If you used the applique material it will all be fused together and no need to fold in.
**IMAGE 24
Sew Along this edge to secure.
**IMAGE 25
Fold up the bottom to meet this line you just sewed. The bottom should cover your stitching.

Sew down each side close to the edge to secure the sides together. Make sure to backstitch at the top and bottom for security.
And now you can slide the key chain rings on your backpack, purse or keys to keep your lip gloss handy whenever you need it.



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