Safety Labels

Print Long Lasting or Temporary Safety Signage

Use P-touch® labeling systems to print durable, laminated labels for warning and instructional signs. P-touch® laminated safety labels are tested to withstand harsh environments and come in a variety of practical colors such as yellow and fluorescent orange.

In addition to our water and temperature resistant P-touch® laminated labels, Brother also offers the Brother™ TD label printers for printing low-cost paper labels for temporary safety signage.

Brother™ Solutions for Your Safety Signage and Labeling Needs:

Brother™ PT-7600

Professional Desktop Label Printer


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Enter warning and instructional message and print laminated safety labels anytime, anywhere. Labels withstand extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion.

Brother™ TD-4000

4" Wide Desktop Label Printer


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Print cost-effective safety labels for signage and instructional messages up to 3 feet long on 4 inch wide paper from your PC.

Brother™ PT - 9700PC

Industrial Desktop Label Printer


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Print on-demand laminated safety labels and labels for warning and instructional signs from your PC. These safety labels are durable enough to withstand extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion and come in yellow and fluorescent colors.

Benefits of Using Brother™ for Your Safety Labels and Signage

Brother™ offers a variety of solutions for printing safety labels and small signage. Choose from either low-cost paper labels or durable laminated labels for safety signage. Either choice provides the quality and performance of all Brother™ products.

Learn More About Safety Labels and Signage with Brother

Learn more about how Brother™ P-touch® and Brother™ TD Label printers can help your business print safety labels and temporary safety signage on demand.

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