AiRScouter WD-200B: Experience Hands-Free HD and See a Whole New Way to Work

Keep an eye on the task at hand with the AiRScouter WD-200B, the original uniquely adjustable HD head mounted display from Brother.

Man putting on an AiRScouter WD-200B headset

Work Smarter by Keeping Your Head in the Game

Make your system work for you with the AiRScouter WD-200B, a tool that adjusts to fit how you work. The unique ergonomic design of the AiRScouter headset lets you choose whether to wear the monocular display over your right or your left eye, and it can even be worn over glasses or sunglasses. Don't change how you work for the sake of your tools; let the AiRScouter adapt to you.

Camera operator using an AiRScouter WD-200B with a Ronin gimbal and DSLR

Get the Shot You Want With Comfort and Ease

The AiRScouter WD-200B puts an HD display where it’s the most convenient, right in front of your eye. Camera operators can line up shots without losing track of what’s happening around them. It also makes difficult angled shots easier: no more crawling on the ground to get low shots or just guessing what's being captured as you shoot over your head.

Drone operator on hillside wearing a WD-200B headset

Fly Your Drone in FPV Without Losing Line-of-Sight

The AiRScouter WD-200B offers drone operators a unique ability to fly in first-person view (FPV) without giving up visual line-of-sight (VLOS). This ensures that you can get the shot you want, whether you're filming a TV commercial or inspecting the underside of a bridge, while you comply with FAA Part 107 regulations on maintaining line-of-sight.

Close-up image of the display unit of the AiRScouter WD-200B

Bright and Crisp 720p HD LCD With Adjustable Focus

The AiRScouter WD-200B features a unique mirror-based optical design that helps overlay video onto the wearer's surroundings, like picture-in-picture. The 720p HD LCD display has a virtual screen size comparable to that of a 13" monitor at a distance of 3 feet, and a diopter offers adjustable focus from 12" - 200".

Close-up image of the control box of the AiRScouter WD-200B

Intuitive Connections, Power Options, and Controls

The AiRScouter WD-200B includes a control box that accepts a full-sized HDMI input. It has an internal Li-ion battery that lasts up to four hours, and it can also be powered through AC or micro-USB ports. The intuitive controls include five levels of adjustable brightness and two levels of zoom. [1]

Connections diagram for the AiRScouter WD-200B

Connect Seamlessly to the Gear You Already Use

The AiRScouter WD-200B connects via HDMI to a wide range of equipment, including camera, drone controllers, wireless receivers, computers, tablets, phones, and more. If you can connect an HDMI cable to your system, you're likely able to connect the AiRScouter! [2]

Close-up image of the translucent mirror accessory

Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way, Not Even Your Screen

An available Half Mirror accessory is compatible with the AiRScouter WD-200B and replaces the fully opaque mirror in the display unit with a 50% translucent mirror. This allows the wearer to look through a video image that overlays the surrounding environment. The Half Mirror is sold separately and available direct from Brother.

  1. Zoom options are at fixed magnification levels and are not user-adjustable.
  2. See technical specifications for supported input resolutions.