AiRScouter WD-320C: Experience Hands-Free HD From Professional Video Sources

Make the right professional connections with the AiRscouter WD-320C, a uniquely adjustable HD head mounted display with full HD input.


Designed With the Professional Operator in Mind

Enjoy the flexibility of a range of supported HDMI input resolutions when you connect the AiRScouter WD-320C to your system. Designed for the professional camera operator, this model includes redesigned optics, a range of adjustable settings, and accessories that help it fit more easily into your workflow. See how this fully-equipped headset works with your professional video equipment. [1]


Put an HD Display Where it's Most Convenient

Take the viewfinder off your camera or the monitor off your rig and put it on your head with the AiRScouter WD-320C. The unique headset design lets you choose the eye over which to wear the monocular display, and the ball joints to which the arm attaches let you rotate the display out of view when it's not needed. It can even be worn over glasses.


Keep an Eye on Your Work and On What's Around You

The AiRScouter WD-320C is an innovative alternative to traditonal viewfinders and monitors because it lets you maintain situational awareness as you line up and take your shots. When your display moves with you, alongside your eye, you can move more naturally as you work: no more running backwards up steps just so you can keep an eye on a monitor!

Close-up image of the display unit of the AiRScouter WD-320C

Bright and Crisp 720p HD LCD With Adjustable Focus

The AiRScouter WD-320C features redesigned optics and a viewfinder-inspired direct-view design that makes viewing HD video fast and easy. The 720p HD LCD display has a virtual screen size comparable to that of a 19" monitor at a distance of 3 feet, and a diopter offers adjustable focus from 12" - infinity.

Close-up image of the control box of the AiRScouter WD-320C

Intuitive Connections, Power Options, and Controls

The AiRScouter WD-320C includes a control box that accepts a full-sized HDMI input. It has an internal Li-ion battery that lasts up to three hours, and it can also be powered through AC or micro-USB ports. The intuitive controls include five levels of adjustable brightness, three levels of zoom, and an available monochrome mode. [2]

Close-up image of a head display unit covered in water droplets

Work With Peace of Mind, Even in Rainy or Dusty Conditions

The display enclosure of the AiRScouter WD-320C has an ingress protection rating of IP54, protecting it from dust and splashing liquid. While the AiRScouter is not water-proof, this protection allows you to use the headset in many environments without additional protection, something that's important when the whole world might be your job site!

Close-up image of the large eye cup accessory

See Your Video Clearly Even in Bright Conditions

The AiRScouter WD-320C comes with a removable rubber eye cup that you can use to isolate the display and help protect your eye in bright conditions. The eye cup snaps on and off without tools, and it can be used when the display is configured for either eye.

Connections diagram for the AiRScouter WD-320C

Connects Seamlessly to the Gear You Already Use

The AiRScouter WD-320C connects via HDMI to a wide range of equipment, including camera, drone controllers, wireless receivers, computers, tablets, phones, and more. If you can connect an HDMI cable to your system, you're likely able to connect the AiRScouter! [1]

Carrying case with AiRScouter WD-320C and accessories in protective foam

How to Protect and Carry Everything You Need

The AiRScouter WD-320C comes in a reusable, foam-packed soft case for storage and transportation of the headset and its accessories. The AiRscouter also comes with a removable eye cup (described above) and a belt case for the control box.

  1. See technical specifications for supported input resolutions.
  2. Zoom options are at fixed magnification levels and are not user-adjustable.