Heads-Up Drone Piloting: AiRScouter for UAV/Drone Pilots

Fly your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in first-person view (FPV) without taking your eyes off the sky. See real-time video while you follow FAA Part 107 regulations on visual line-of-sight (VLOS).

Explore Features That Keep Your Drone Flying

Place the display where you want it, over either eye. Water- and dust-resistance helps you work in dirty or wet conditions.1 HDMI or SDI inputs connect to your gear without special apps of hardware.2

AiRScouter Drone Eye Piece

AiRScouter for Camera Operators

Get the shot with comfort and ease when you take your viewfinder off the camera and put it on your head.

  1. The ingress protection rating is for the head display unit only. Please take appropriate precautions when using the control box in inclement conditions.
  2. See product detail pages for supported video inputs, power options, and available features for each model.