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Brother™ Models Compatible with Windows® 7
Compatible with Windows® 7
The Brother™ partnership with Microsoft® ensures compatibility between Windows® 7 and a large number of Brother models. The drivers for many models are already included with Windows 7 or are available through Windows® update. The drivers included with Windows 7 are built into the operating system. Brother original drivers for Windows 7 are also available for download and may include more functionality as well as additional utilities. Brother recommends the latest driver download provided from the Brother Solutions Center.
DCP Models Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
DCP-J125 No Yes Download
DCP-1000 No Yes * No
DCP-110C No Yes * No
DCP-1200 No Yes * No
DCP-120C No Yes Download
DCP-130C Yes Yes Download
DCP-1400 No Yes * No
DCP-165C Yes Yes Download
DCP-330C Yes Yes Download
DCP-350C Yes Yes Download
DCP-375CW Yes No Download
DCP-385C Yes Yes Download
DCP-395CN Yes Yes Download
DCP-585CW Yes Yes Download
DCP-7020 No Yes Download
DCP-7030 Yes Yes Download
DCP-7040 Yes Yes Download
DCP-7060D Yes Yes Download
DCP-7065DN Yes Yes Download
DCP-8040 No Yes * No
DCP-8045D No Yes * No
DCP-8060 No Yes Download
DCP-8065DN No Yes Download
DCP-8080DN Yes No Download
DCP-8085DN Yes No Download
DCP8110DN No Yes Download
DCP8150DN No Yes Download
DCP-8155DN No Yes Download
DCP-9040CN Yes Yes Download
DCP-9045CDN Yes Yes Download
PRINTER Models Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
HL-1040 No Yes * No
HL-1050 No Yes * No
HL-1060 No Yes * No
HL-1240 No Yes * No
HL-1250 No Yes * No
HL-1270N No Yes * No
HL-1430 No Yes * No
HL-1435 No Yes * No
HL-1440 No Yes * No
HL-1450 No Yes * No
HL-1470N No Yes * No
HL-1650/1670N No Yes * No
HL-1660 No Yes * No
HL-1660e No Yes * No
HL-1850/1870N No Yes * No
HL-2030 No Yes * No
HL-2040 No Yes Download
HL-2045 No Yes Download
HL-2060 No Yes * No
HL-2070N No Yes Download
HL-2075N No Yes Download
HL-2140 Yes Yes Download
HL-2150N Yes Yes Download
HL-2170W Yes Yes Download
HL-2220 No Yes Download
HL-2230 No Yes Download
HL-2240 No Yes Download
HL-2240D No Yes Download
HL-2270DW No Yes Download
HL-2280DW No Yes Download
HL-2400CE No Yes * No
HL-2460 No Yes * No
HL-2600CN No Yes * No
HL-2700CN No Yes Download
HL-3040CN No Yes Download
HL-3045CN No Yes Download
HL-3070CW No Yes Download
HL-3075CW No Yes Download
HL-3260N No Yes * No
HL-3400CN No Yes * No
HL-3450CN No Yes * No
HL-4000CN No Yes * No
HL-4040CDN No Yes Download
HL-4040CN Yes Yes Download
HL-4050CDN Yes Yes Download
HL-4050CN Yes Yes Download
HL-4070CDW Yes Yes Download
HL-4150CDN No Yes Download
HL-4200CN No Yes * No
HL-4570CDW No Yes Download
HL-5030 No Yes * No
HL-5040 No Yes * No
HL-5050 No Yes * No
HL-5070N No Yes * No
HL-5130 No Yes * No
HL-5140 No Yes * No
HL-5150D No Yes * No
HL-5170DN No Yes * No
HL-5240 No Yes Download
HL-5250DN No Yes Download
HL-5280DW No Yes Download
HL-5340D Yes Yes Download
HL-5350DN Yes Yes Download
HL-5370DW Yes Yes Download
HL-5380DN Yes Yes Download
HL5440D No Yes Download
HL5450DN No Yes Download
HL5470DW No Yes Download
HL5470DWT No Yes Download
HL-6050 No Yes Download
HL6180DW No Yes Download
HL6180DWT No Yes Download
HL-630 No Yes * No
HL-7050 No Yes Download
HL-720 No Yes * No
HL-730 No Yes * No
HL-730plus No Yes * No
HL-760 No Yes * No
HL-8050 No Yes Download
HL-P2500 No Yes * No
Electronic Stationary Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
ADS-2000 No Yes Download
ADS-2500W No Yes Download
PT-2400/2410 No No * No
PT-2500PC No No * No
PT-580C No No * No
PT-9200PC No No * No
PTPC No No * No
PT-1650 No No Download
PT-7600 No No Download
PT-1230PC Yes Yes Download
PT-1500PC Yes Yes Download
PT-18R Yes Yes Download
PT-1950/1960 Yes Yes Download
PT-2100/2110 Yes Yes Download
PT-2300/2310 Yes Yes * No
PT-2430PC Yes Yes Download
PT-2600/2610 Yes Yes * No
PT-2700/2710 Yes Yes Download
PT-3600 Yes Yes Download
PT-9200DX Yes Yes * No
PT-9500PC Yes Yes Download
PT-9600 Yes Yes Download
PT-9700PC No No Download
PT-9800CN No No Download
TD-4000 No No Download
TD-4100N No No Download
QL-1050/1050N Yes Yes Download
QL-1060N Yes Yes Download
QL-500 Yes Yes Download
QL-550 Yes Yes Download
QL-570 Yes Yes Download
QL-580N Yes Yes Download
QL-650TD Yes Yes Download
Embroidery Design Software System Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
PE-DESIGN ver. 8 Yes No Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 7 No Yes Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 6 No Yes Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 5 No Yes Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 4 No Yes Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 3 Yes No Download
PE-DESIGN ver. 2 Yes No Download
PE-DESIGN Lite Yes No * No
PED-Basic No Yes Download
Scanners Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
ADS-1000W Yes Yes Download
ADS-1500W Yes Yes Download
ADS-2000 Yes Yes Download
ADS-2500W Yes Yes Download
DS-600 Yes Yes Download
DS-610 Yes Yes Download
DS-620 Yes Yes Download
DS-700D Yes Yes Download
DS-720D Yes Yes Download
DS-820W Yes Yes Download
DS-920DW Yes Yes Download
* Brother does not currently plan to develop and offer Brother Original Windows 7 drivers for this model.
1 During he initial installation of Windows 7, not all available printer drivers are listed. Clicking the Windows Update button will cause the operating system to query Microsoft's servers and download the remaining available drivers. Click here to learn how to update the printer list using Windows Update.
FAX Models Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
FAX-1800C No Yes * No
FAX-1820C No Yes * No
FAX-1840C No Yes * No
FAX-1860C Yes Yes Download
FAX-1920C No Yes * No
FAX-1940CN No Yes * No
FAX-1960C Yes Yes Download
FAX-2440C No Yes * No
FAX-2480C Yes Yes Download
FAX-2580C Yes Yes Download
FAX-2820 No Yes Download
FAX-2840 No Yes Download
FAX-2910 No Yes * No
FAX-2920 No Yes Download
FAX-2940 No Yes Download
FAX-3800 No Yes * No
FAX-4100E No Yes Download
FAX-4750E No Yes Download
FAX-5750E No Yes Download
MFC Models Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
MFC-210C No Yes * No
MFC-230C Yes Yes Download
MFC-240C Yes Yes Download
MFC-250C Yes Yes Download
MFC-255CW Yes No Download
MFC-290C Yes Yes Download
MFC-295CN Yes No Download
MFC-3100C No Yes * No
MFC-3200C No Yes * No
MFC-3220C No Yes * No
MFC-3240C No Yes * No
MFC-3320CN No Yes * No
MFC-3340CN No Yes * No
MFC-3360C Yes Yes Download
MFC-3420C No Yes * No
MFC-3820CN No Yes * No
MFC-420CN No Yes * No
MFC-4350 No Yes * No
MFC-440CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-4420C No Yes * No
MFC-4450 No Yes * No
MFC-4650 No Yes * No
MFC-465CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-4800 No Yes * No
MFC-4820C No Yes * No
MFC-490CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-495CW Yes No Download
MFC-5100C No Yes * No
MFC-5200C No Yes * No
MFC-5440CN No Yes * No
MFC-5460CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-5490CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-5840CN No Yes * No
MFC-5860CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-5890CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-5895CW No Yes Download
MFC-620CN No Yes * No
MFC-640CW No Yes Download
MFC-6490CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-665CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-665MC No Yes * No
MFC-6800 No Yes * No
MFC-685CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-6890CDW Yes No Download
MFC-7000FC No Yes * No
MFC-7050C No No * No
MFC-7150C No Yes * No
MFC-7160C No Yes * No
MFC-7200FC No Yes * No
MFC-7220 No Yes Download
MFC-7225N No Yes Download
MFC-7240 No Yes Download
MFC-7300C No Yes * No
MFC-7340 Yes Yes Download
MFC-7345N Yes Yes Download
MFC-7360N No Yes Download
MFC-7400C No Yes * No
MFC-7420 No Yes Download
MFC-7440N Yes Yes Download
MFC-7460DN No Yes Download
MFC-7820N No Yes Download
MFC-7840W Yes Yes Download
MFC-7860DW No Yes Download
MFC-790CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-795CW Yes No Download
MFC-820CW No Yes Download
MFC-8220 No Yes Download
MFC-8420 No Yes * No
MFC-8440 No Yes * No
MFC-845CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-8460N No Yes Download
MFC-8480DN Yes No Download
MFC-8500 No Yes * No
MFC-8510DN No Yes Download
MFC-8600 No Yes * No
MFC-8660DN Yes Yes Download
MFC-8670DN Yes Yes Download
MFC-8680DN Yes No Download
MFC-8710DW No Yes Download
MFC-8820D No Yes * No
MFC-8840D No Yes * No
MFC-8840DN No Yes * No
MFC-885CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-8860DN No Yes Download
MFC-8870DW No Yes Download
MFC-8890DW Yes No Download
MFC-8910DW No Yes Download
MFC-8950DW No Yes Download
MFC-8950DWT No Yes Download
MFC-9010CN Yes No Download
MFC-9100C No Yes * No
MFC-9120CN Yes No Download
MFC9125CN No Yes Download
MFC-9200C No Yes * No
MFC-9320CW Yes No Download
MFC9325CW No Yes Download
MFC-9420CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-9440CN Yes Yes Download
MFC-9450CDN Yes Yes Download
MFC-9460CDN No Yes Download
MFC-9560CDW No Yes Download
MFC-9600 No Yes * No
MFC-9700 No Yes * No
MFC-9800 No Yes * No
MFC-9840CDW Yes Yes Download
MFC-990CW Yes Yes Download
MFC-9970CDW No Yes Download
MFC-J220 No Yes Download
MFC-J265W No Yes Download
MFC-J270W No Yes Download
MFC-J280W No Yes Download
MFC-J410W No Yes Download
MFC-J415W No Yes Download
MFC-J425W No Yes Download
MFC-J430W No Yes Download
MFC-J435W No Yes Download
MFC-J5910DW No Yes Download
MFC-J615W No Yes Download
MFC-J625DW No Yes Download
MFC-J630W No Yes Download
MFC-J6510DW No Yes Download
MFC-J6710DW No Yes Download
MFC-J6910DW No Yes Download
MFC-J825DW No Yes Download
MFC-J835DW No Yes Download
Home Sewing and Embroidery Driver included on Windows 7 DVD Available thru Windows Update 1 Brother Solutions Center
Innov-is 6000D Yes No Download
Innov-is 4500D Yes No * No
Innov-is 4500D upgraded with Premium Upgrade Package Yes No * No
Innov-is 4000D/4000 Yes No * No
Innov-is 4000D/4000 upgraded with Premium Upgrade Package Yes No * No
Innov-is 2800D Yes No * No
Innov-is 2500D Yes No
Innov-is 2500D upgraded with Premium Upgrade Package Yes No * No
Innov-is 1500D/1500 No Yes * No
Innov-is 1200 No Yes * No
Innov-is 900D Yes No * No
HE-240 Yes No * No
PE-700II Yes No * No
PE-750D (with USB) Yes No * No
PE-430 Yes No * No
QC-1000 No Yes * No
PR-600/600C Yes No * No
PR-600II/600IIC Yes No * No
PR-620/620C Yes No * No
PR-650/650C Yes No Download

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