CNC Tapping Center TC-22B/TC-22B-O

Overview Features Specifications

4 big features of TC-22B

Enlarged machining area

Rigidity of the column and spindle head has been improved to expand the machining area

  • Expanded Y-axis stroke 450mm(17.7 inch)
  • Trunnion-type fixture with turning diameter of 500mm(19.7inch) can be installed.

High accuracy machining

  • Prevent coolant from splashing onto column, which affects heat expansion
  • Improved difference in the rigidity of the spindle head and column in the X and Y directions
  • Increased spindle rigidity to reduce effects of imbalance tools
  • Uses X/Y/Z axes heat expansion compensation system(software)
Machining example

High reliability

  • ATC and magazine are separated from the machining area
  • Absolute encoders are used instead of limit switches
  • Covering that prevent chips from entering the feed axis
  • Center trough base
Machining area separated from machine room completely


New NC(CNC-B00)

  • Simultaneously controlled axes : 4
  • High accuracy mode A
  • Bulit-in PLC(Optional)