CNC Tapping Center TC-22B/ TC-22B-O

Overview Features Specifications

The technology of No.30 spindle machines has expanded greatly

This model achieves machining areas, capacity, and accuracy that far exceeds conventional standards.
Previous lines combining No.30 and No.40 spindle machines have shifted to"One-size solution lines" using No.30 spindle machines.

High-end model of table traverse type with high accuracy machining

Y-axis stroke 450mm(17.7inch)

Trunnion-type fixture with turning diameter 500mm(19.7inch) can be installed.

High accuracy machining

Knock hole and function hole boring can be done by having heat expansion compensation system(software) and increased spindle rigidity.

Prevents problems caused by chips and coolant

Machining area separated from machine room completely Adoption of center trough type

Provides a wider range of machining programs

Achieves various production way by adopting simultaneously controlled 4 axes, built-in PLC, and etc.