CNC Tapping Center TC-32B QT/FT

Overview Features Specifications
1. Enlarged Machining Areas

New Quick Table Handles Large Workpieces.

New quick table for large workpieces and reliable multiple parts machining.
Table rigidity has also been increased significantly.



X-axis stroke=550mm (21.7 inch)
22% longer
For both
X and Y axes
Approx. 53% increase
Y-axis stroke=400mm (15.7 inch)  
25% longer

Machining areas & Table size

Max. machining areas Y 400mm (15.7 inch)/ Z 350mm (13.8 inch)/ X 550mm (21.7 inch)
Table size
X-axis 600 mm (23.6 inch)   X-axis 800 mm (31.5 inch)
Y-axis 525 mm (20.7 inch)
  Y-axis 400 mm (15.7 inch)

Approx. 30% larger
The figure shows the TC-32B with a quick table.

Loading weight

QT 200kg (441 lbs) (Max. for one side)
Approx. 2.5times more
FT   600kg (1,323 lbs)
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2. Higher Productivity

Fast, Powerful, Efficient Machining for High Cost Performance.

Rapid feed rate increased to enhance acceleration, resulting in a vast improvement in productivity.
The tool breakage detector (optional) is now located in the magazine,
eliminating any affect on the machining cycle time.


  Previous models TC-32B
Rapid feed rate 50 m/min
(1,969 inch/min)
70 m/min
(2,756 inch/min)
X-axis time constant 0.8G 1.2G
Y-axis time constant 0.8G 0.9G
Z-axis time constant 1.0G 1.5G
Approx. 40% faster

Productivity improved by faster multiple parts machining

Machining example Machining time comparison for sample workpiece
12 holes 8.8 mm dia., 30 mm deep
  10 taps M8, 20 mm deep
* Previous models:
1-workpiece machining (twice)
  * TC-32B:
2-workpiece machining

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3. Enhanced Reliability

Thorough Chip Handling for Higher Productivity.

  The machining area, machine area, and tool stocker are completely separated.
A center trough and a chip conveyor are used to reliably handle large volumes of chips.
These measures prevent machine problems occurring and reduce maintenance work.
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4. Operation Friendly

New Multi-Function NC for Maximum Usability.

Our new NC's full utilization of the integrated mechanical and electrical features maximizes the capability of the tapping center.
It also has a user-friendly operation panel and screens, with G and M codes that allow further reductions in machining time.

12.1-inch color display

User-friendly screen configuration, including menu screens for graphic drawing and program creation,
alarm recovery screens, etc.

Simultaneous 4-axis and a total of 10 axes control

4 axes can be controlled simultaneously.
A tilt indexer can be installed on both pallets.

High-accuracy mode A

High accuracy mode A ensures accurate finishing of minute lines.
Vibration control prevents the vibration generated during axis movement.
(The figure on the following shows an example when machined at F10,000 mm/min (F394 inch/min)).

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