CNC Tapping Center TC-S2C/ TC-S2C-O

4 big features of TC-S2C/ TC-S2C-O

Machining Performance

Pursuing shorter cycle time

Higher productivity is achieved by reducing the time taken for starting/ending spindle operation, establishing high-speed ATC mode, creating G/M codes that produce shorter cycle times, and setting the optimal rapid feed time constant for the table load weight.

Larger work space

More space inside the machine

Internal machining space of 1500(X) x 1020(Y) x 480(Z) mm is secured by extending the stroke by 500(X) x 400(Y) x 300(Z) mm, changing the column shape, and replacing the conventional Z-axis sheet cover with a solid metal cover. More jigs can be used to machine a wide range of parts.


Reliability enhanced with improved chip prevention and coolant handling

A solid metal cover is used for the Z-axis instead of limit switches. A new chip shower and base cover, a tool washing system, and back washing system are used to remove chips immediately and reliably to prevent problems.

Z-axis metal solid cover (Standard)
Z-axis metal solid cover is used, eliminating damage to the cover due to chips.
Chip shower (Optional)
Chip shower pipes are located at the upper section inside the machine for more efficient flow, and flexible shower nozzles can be directed to the side of the splash guard or sections where chips tend to accumulate.
New base cover (Standard)
The cover helps the chips flow smoothly and curbs the impact of coolant on heat expansion.
Tool washing system (Optional)
Coolant is showered from the end face of the spindle when changing the tool, preventing chips sticking to the tapered section of the spindle, leading to improved ATC repeatability.
Back washing system (Optional)
This prevents the filter from clogging, enabling long continuous operation without filter replacement.



User friendly operation

The machine is standard equipped with several new user friendly functions, such as a USB interface, maintenance notification, and tool data range check, which are unique to our electro-mechanical integrated Tapping Center.

12.1-inch color display (Standard)
User-friendly screen configuration, including menu screens for graphic drawing and program creation, alarm recovery screens, etc.
USB memory interface (Standard)
USB memory interface is available. Many data can be transferred at high speed. Tape operation is also possible from a USB memory device. Note: USB memory interface cannot be connected directly to the personal computer.
Maintenance notice function (Standard)
Maintenance timing can be set or notified by an alarm.
Sufficient space (Standard)
Sufficient space for electrical components is secured in the control box so users can use them freely.
High accuracy mode A (Standard)
High accuracy mode A ensures accurate finishing of minute lines. Vibration control prevents the vibration generated during axis movement. (The figure on the above shows an example when machined at F10,000 mm/min (F394 inch/min)).
Built-in PLC (Optional)
The PLC system is built into the NC and can be used to control jigs and operation programs for peripheral equipment.
  • Input/output points
    Max. 64/64 points (extended 32/32 points each)
  • No. of steps
    (This varies depending on the command, for example, 2 steps for LD command and 3 steps for timer command.)