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The PocketJet6 Series will be discontinued as of March 31st, 2016. Please see our New PocketJet7 Series today!

PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer

“We selected Brother PocketJet® mobile printer to provide our home health clinicians the best tool possible when working from the patient residence.”

Yasmin Clinton of Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter

Brother™ healthcare solutions can help to improve accuracy and safety at the point of care through better solutions for on-demand printing of medication lists, instructions, and other patient-care documents from many popular tablets, smartphones and laptops.

On-demand printing at the point of care can also be a vital tool in assisting healthcare organizations in their efforts to meet an increasing number of compliance mandates and requirements.

With Brother mobile printing solutions, home healthcare workers can produce easy-to-read, full-page printed documentation for patients and families, which can help meet some communications mandates and tighten point of care record-keeping as Meaningful Use 3, EHR and ICD-10 standards come online.

Medicare reimbursement and other new penalties placed on hospitals for high rates of avoidable readmissions are increasing the role of home health agencies after patients are discharged. Mobile printing can help home healthcare agencies provide clear personalized aftercare instructions and medication plans at the patient’s bedside. This can help improve adherence to treatment and recovery plans, which may reduce hospital readmissions.

Since home healthcare patients are especially vulnerable to medication errors, CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) Conditions of Participation also mandate that hospice and home healthcare workers leave a detailed medication list at the patient’s residence. A full-page printed document generated at the patient’s residence is not only easier to read than a handwritten list, but also less prone to errors in interpretation after the worker has left.

Providing critical data like medication lists, teaching guides and point-of-care plans in an easy-to-read form can help reduce errors and improve patient outcomes. This may also aid in meeting compliance with regulations – which may in turn help to improve award and renewal rates.

Today, most home healthcare providers already equip their field staff with software and tablets, smartphones, or laptops to track patient progress and record data. With Brother™ mobile printing solutions, these workers can now print critical patient information, medication lists and instructions at the point of care from their tablets, smartphones and laptops. This can help to minimize handwriting errors, enhance efficiency, and give patients and domestic caregivers easy-to-read, full-page machine printed documents with text, graphics and pictures.

Brother Mobile Solutions offers an array of practical, cost-effective ways to help improve patient outcomes and safety, and healthcare workforce efficiency.

Reliable full-page printing at the point of care

Full page point-of-care printing PocketJet® 6 mobile printers

Home healthcare mobile printing solutions help home healthcare aides and visiting nurses to quickly print the full-page documents they need, when and where they need them from popular Windows®, Android™ or iOS®-based◊ tablets, smartphones and laptops, helping to minimize handwriting errors and delays in delivering critical information and instructions to their patients.

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All specifications subject to change without notice.
◊ Requires download of a software development kit from the Brother Developer Center.