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Manufacturing: Low-Cost Barcode Labels
The PocketJet6 Series will be discontinued as of March 31st, 2016. Please see our New PocketJet7 Series today!

Low-Cost Barcode Labels for Manufacturing

Paper barcode labels up to 4" wide on-demand.

Low Cost Paper Barcode Labels
Low Cost Paper Barcode Labels

Need low cost paper labels for inspection stickers?

Then consider the TD-4000 and TD-4100N (with Ethernet network interface) desktop barcode label printers from Brother™. These models provide a complete desktop barcode label printing solution that includes the label printer with built-in auto cutter, label design software, and label media, and are ideal for printing large inspection stickers and other quality control labels on demand. They can be connected to a PC, or can print directly from test equipment, scanners, weigh scales and other devices without a PC.

Produce wide direct thermal labels with high-resolution barcodes

They use reliable, and cost-effective direct thermal printing technology to quickly produce low-cost pre-sized and continuous length paper labels up to 4" wide with high-resolution text, graphics and barcodes using no inks or toners – the only consumable is Brother™ label stock on convenient drop-in rolls. So changing supplies is simple and fast.

Produce wide paper labels with high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics on demand.

Print low-cost, easy-peel up to 4" wide paper labels with high-resolution barcodes, text, graphics and even pictures, from convenient drop-in rolls of pre-sized die-cut media, for inspection stickers and quality control labels.

Full-featured label-design software is included

Full-featured label-design software is included.

While TD-4000 and TD-4100N are compatible with many manufacturing software applications, full-featured PT-Editor software is included to easily create your own label designs, print linear and 2D barcode labels, link to many common database types and more.

Produce labels with or without a PC – print from scanners, weigh scales and other devices.

Labels can be generated from PCs using the included software, or with many manufacturing software applications; these label printers can also be connected directly to test equipment, barcode scanners, weigh scales and other devices to print without a PC.

No inks. No toners. No ribbons.

There’s only one consumable – Brother™ label media on drop-in rolls

The TD-4000 and TD4100N desktop barcode label printers use reliable thermal printing technology, so there are no inks, toners or ribbons required – or to replace in the middle of a project; there’s only one consumable – Brother™ label media on drop-in rolls.

Wide variety of supplies; drop-in rolls make changing supplies fast and easy.

Brother™ media for these models include a variety of pre-sized die-cut shapes in a wide range of sizes from 1" dots and squares, to 4" X 6" wide labels – to cover a multitude of needs from microscope slide labels to large shipping labels with multiple barcodes, all available on drop-in rolls to allow you to change supplies in seconds.

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TD-4000 & TD-4100N desktop paper barcode label printers
Desktop paper barcode label printers
  • Prints paper labels up to 4" wide
  • Prints high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics
  • Includes label-design software
The features of the TD-4000, plus:
  • Built-in Ethernet network interface
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