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Smart Ordering with Auto Restock

Ink or toner is automatically ordered by your printer before you run out. Check to see if your printer is eligible.

Why Staples Smart Ordering?

We know there's never a good time to run out of ink or toner. Staples Smart Ordering uses Brother predictive technology to conveniently handle ink and toner needs for your eligible Brother printer. When your ink or toner supply runs low, your printer automatically places a Brother Genuine replacement order so that you don't run out. Get 10% off the cost of ink or toner and FREE shipping on every order placed. It's EASY!

  • ✔ Never run out of ink or toner again
  • ✔ Get only the ink or toner you need – when you need it
  • ✔ Receive 10% off, plus FREE shipping on every order

How it Works

Have a Staples Ready Brother Printer

Register your Brother printer and enroll it in Staples Smart Ordering.

Auto-detects Low Level Supplies

Utilizing smart technology, your Brother printer detects when your ink or toner supply is running low and will generate a Staples Smart Ordering replacement order before you run out.

Genuine Ink/Toner Delivered Just in Time

Staples Smart Ordering will ship the correct replacement Brother Genuine ink or toner cartridge directly to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following Brother printers are eligible for the Staples Smart Ordering Program.

• DCP-L2540DW
• DCP-L5600DN
• DCP-L5650DN
• HL-3170CDW
• HL-3180CDW
• HL-5450DN
• HL-5470DW
• HL-5470DWT
• HL-6180DW
• HL-L2350DW
• HL-L2360DW
• HL-L2370DW
• HL-L2390DW
• HL-L2395DW
• HL-L3210CW
• HL-L3270CDW
• HL-L3290CDW
• HL-L5100DN
• HL-L5200DW
• HL-L6200DW
• HL-L8260CDW
• HL-L8360CDW
• HL-L8360CDWT
• MFC-8510DN
• MFC-8710DW
• MFC-8910DW
• MFC-8950DW
• MFC-9130CW
• MFC-9330CDW
• MFC-9340CDW
• MFC-J4310DW
• MFC-J4320DW
• MFC-J4420DW
• MFC-J4610DW
• MFC-J4620DW
• MFC-J4710DW
• MFC-J497DW
• MFC-J5330DW
• MFC-J5620DW
• MFC-J5720DW
• MFC-J5830DW
• MFC-J5845DW
• MFC-J5930DW
• MFC-J5945DW
• MFC-J6520DW
• MFC-J6530DW
• MFC-J6535DW
• MFC-J6545DW
• MFC-J6720DW
• MFC-J680DW
• MFC-J690DW
• MFC-J6920DW
• MFC-J6930DW
• MFC-J6935DW
• MFC-J775DW
• MFC-J895DW
• MFC-J985DW
• MFC-J995DW
• MFC-L2700DW
• MFC-L2710DW
• MFC-L2720DW
• MFC-L2750DW
• MFC-L3710CW
• MFC-L3770CDW
• MFC-L5700DW
• MFC-L5800DW
• MFC-L5850DW
• MFC-L8600CDW
• MFC-L8610CDW
• MFC-L8900CDW

Please note the eligible printer models are subject to change. Please be sure to check this list whenever you wish to enroll a new Brother printer.