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DP-540CJ Made in the USA from USA and foreign components
Desktop Publisher with Color Ink Jet Printing
Brother's line of color Desktop Publishers include portable models and a desktop model. The other models in the lineinclude the DP-525CJ, DP-530CJ, DP-550CJ and the DP-5040CJ (desktop).All of the color Desktop Publishers include a 1.44MB disk drive,straight paper path with a 30 page sheet feeder, Perfectype(r) ProfessionalTouch Keyboard and color ink jet printer. See each model's specificationpage for details on the features of each model.

The DP-540CJ allows you to create stylized reports,presentations, newsletters and brochures by combining multiple typestyles, fonts, colors and sizes into a single document. There areover 4000 different print variations. In addition, you can add clipart or special symbols and images to your documents. You can evendraw maps.


  • 10" VGA LCD Display
  • 3.5" 1.44MB disk drive
  • Straight paper path technology
  • Built-in 30 page sheet feeder for automatic paper handling
  • Perfectype(r) Professional Touch Keyboard
  • 300 x 300 dpi ink jet printer
  • Prints documents in up to 7 colors
  • ICON main menu
  • Easy access pull down menus and on-screen help
  • Exchange files between your Desktop Publisher and a PCby converting them into your favorite DOS or Windows(r) word processingor spreadsheet file format
  • 2 Games - (Black Jack and Poker)
  • Dual screen capability for viewing two documents at thesame time
  • Communications Ready - With an optional modem you can sendfaxes or attach to text based on-line services (where available)
  • Templates provided for:
    • Word Processing documents
    • Spreadsheets
    • Addressbook layouts
    • Special drawings
    • Greeting cards
    • Business letters


  • 300 x 300 dpi ink jet printer
  • Straight paper path technology
  • Built-in 30 page sheet feeder
  • 7 Color printing: blue, green, cyan, red,magenta, yellowand black
  • Color ink cartridge included in box
  • Prints in 6 type sizes: 10 pt. 12 pt., 14 pt., 18 pt.,24 pt., 36 pt.
  • Prints in 10 type styles: bold, underline, strike out,italic, outline, shadow, shading, superscript, subscript and normal
  • Double height and double width printing
  • Prints in 5 type fonts: Helsinki, Brougham, Tennessee,US and Calgary
  • Prints special graphic symbols and characters
  • Multi-column printing
  • Portrait or Landscape printing


  • Abbreviated phrase memory for automatic recall of frequentlyused terms
  • Page layout view
  • Framing for drawing lines in a specific area for creatingtables
  • Create up to 5 different types of charts and graphs (Pie,Bar, Stacked Bar, Line and 100% Stacked Bar).
  • 114,000 word corrector dictionary, plus 204 user programmablewords alerts spelling errors and offers suggestions for corrections
  • 45,000 word thesaurus
  • Total word count
  • Left, center,right flush and justified formats
  • Searching and replacing
  • Header/Footer text
  • Copy/Move/Delete functions
  • Auto Letter Layout for automatically formatting your businessletter
  • Exchange files between your Desktop Publisher and a PCby converting them into you favorite DOS or Windows(r) word processingor spreadsheet file format.


  • 40 pcs of color clip art on disk
  • 40 pcs of mono clip art on disk
  • Combine text and graphics in one document
  • Select from the built-in symbols, images and objects
  • Draw maps with roads, circles, rivers, buildings, etc.
  • Draw lines, boxes and circles
  • Create and print Greeting Cards
  • Select from special graphic frames to customize letterhead
  • Print images and alphanumeric characters onto iron-on transferpaper for T- shirt applications, plus much more.


  • Brother spreadsheet files can be converted to Lotus(r)1-2-3(r) format, and vice versa
  • 256 columns by 256 rows
  • Formulas for multiplication, division, sums, square roots,etc.
  • Create your own spreadsheets for personal applications
  • 9 templates on disk include:
    • Monthly budgeting
    • Checkbook balancing
    • Sales analysis
    • Telephone and address directory
    • Savings planner
    • Monthly payment of loan
    • Annual yield
    • Expense report
    • Office supplies order form


  • Addressbook with Data Merge and label printing formerging names and addresses into envelopes and labels.
  • Pre-set templates for easy label printing, or customizeyour own
  • Sort and select from addressbook for printing
  • Tutorial
  • Help Screens
  • Calculator
  • 2 card games included (Poker and Blackjack)

  • 9.5" paper capacity
  • 8.1" printing width
  • 300 x 300 dpi ink jet printing
  • Up to 160 cps printing speed (IN-700 printing specifications)
  • 640 x 400 display resolution
  • Carrying handle
  • Operates on 120 volts AC
  • Unit dimensions: 16" x 16" x 4.4"
  • Unit weight: 10.1 lbs.
  • Carton dimensions: 19.4" x 7.9" x 22"
  • Carton weight: 15.4 lbs.
  • UPC Code: 012502531326
  • One year limited warranty


  • IN-700 high capacity black ink cartridge
  • IN-710C color ink cartridge
  • IN-700RF black ink refilling system for IN-700
  • IN-710CRF color ink refilling system for IN-710C
  • MO-700 data modem
  • FX-144 Data/Fax Modem
  • FX-336 Data/Fax Modem
  • TP-8 Iron-On Transfer paper
  • CL-300A Clip Art Disks (package contains about 300 images)
  • CL-300B Clip Art Disks (package contains about 300 images)

Specifications subject to changewithout notice.