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Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

The Brother ML-100 Daisy wheel Electronic Portable Typewriter is the entry level portable typewriter in a series of three models. The two other models, the ML-300 and ML-500 offer additional features beyond the capabilities of the ML-100.

The unique features found on the ML Series of Brother Portable Typewriters include its international keyboard, bonus international daisy wheel and the Perfectype® professional touch keyboard. With the ML100, you are able to easily access the characters necessary for typing in a number of languages including English, Spanish and French.


  • Includes both the standard US English and International daisy wheels
  • International characters on the keyboard permit typing in Spanish, French, Portuguese, plus much more
  • Keyboard I/II/III setting for selecting the character set for special international characters


  • Perfectype® professional touch keyboard - Designed to increase accuracy and typing speed
  • View mode allows you to see what you've typed by automatically moving the paper roll up


  • Automatic paper insertion to perfectly insert each page to a uniform 1" top margin
  • Automatic centering, underlining, bold printing & right margin flush
  • Automatic 'Word-Out®' correction system erases a word with the touch of a key
  • 65 character correction memory with automatic relocation feature
  • Automatic carriage return to speed typing


  • Superscript and subscript typing
  • One-touch tab set & clear
  • Express and half backspace
  • 10 pitch or 12 pitch typing (Pica and Elite)
  • Caps lock
  • Line Indent for automatically indenting the first line of paragraphs

  • Interchangeable cassette daisy wheels with various type styles available
  • Easy to install cassette ribbon
  • Paper support doubles as lid cover
  • Carrying grip
  • 12.87" carriage, 9" typing width
  • Up to 12 character per second typing speed
  • Line spacing: 1, 1 1/2, 2
  • Original plus four copy capacity
  • Unit dimensions: 16.4" x 5.3" x 15.1"
  • Unit weight: 10 lbs.
  • UPC code: 012502530800
  • 90 days labor/One year parts limited warranty
  • UL listed, operates on 120 volts AC

Optional Supplies and Accessories

  • SK-100 Starter Kit
  • Model 1030 Correctable Ribbons
  • Model 3010 Lift-Off Correction Tape

Specifications subject to change without notice.