GT-3 Cookbook: Clean Nozzles

****** Clean the most important part in inkjet printing ******

If you are struggling with misfiring, check the following cause(s):

Your room is really dry, the humidity is less than 35%.
You left your printer two weeks or more.
You print some color(s) which you did not use after several prints,
e.g. print black letters after a few dozens of red and blue artwork.
e.g. print with White Only data and go back to Color.
You did not do regular cleaning every time the maintenance parts exchange warning indicates.

If your answer is , go to Keep it! page and clean. We are afraid that your print head might be soiled with your dirty wiper blade and caps.

Select [ Menu ] [ Maintenance ] and [ Maintenance Parts Exchange] then turn off the printer. Open the Front Cover and see around the heads: nozzles might be soiled with ink supplied by the print head cap.

See the photo below (GT-541). The right-edge nozzles cannot jet ink properly because they are flooded with ink. Maybe your wiper blade soils your nozzles too.

Maybe your wiper blade starts to come off and cannot wipe off the ink. Get a new Wiper Cleaner and replace to a new one. Refer to the Instruction Manual for further information.

If your answer is either or , or whatever, refer to Chapter 7 of Instruction manual (PDF both in your PC (go to Brother GT-3 Tools) and Install CD, or you can download from this site). Refer also to 7-2. Solving Print Quality Problems in Instruction Manual and follow the procedures. But you will reach 7-2-6. Cleaning the Print Head Nozzles soon.

Read the procedures, go to the printer and select [ menu ], [ maintenance ] and [ Nozzle Cleaning ]. The Print Head Caps move down and wiper moves back and it is time to clean the nozzles. Turn off the printer as Control Panel says and open the front cover and pull off the Wiper Cleaner Cassette.

Get the Nozzle Cleaning Kit (SB3082). Get some soft and clean, lint-free cloth to clean the applicators to keep them working well while cleaning. Also a pen light or a flash light is very useful. Please take care in cleaning because they are the most important parts in an inkjet printer, to jet ink!

Open the Nozzle Cleaning Kit and put on the plastic gloves. There are four clean applicators, Use one applicator for one color (one Print Head).
nozzle cleaning kit nozzle cleaning kit

Wet the surface of the Print Head (nozzle plate) with Wash Liquid. Then rub softly the nozzle plate to loosen and remove ink and debris from the nozzle plate until the nozzle plate is clean. Do not push the Clean Applicator hard on the nozzle surface.
Use a soft, clean and lint-free cloth to remove the dirty ink and debris from the Clean Applicator to keep its surface clean and wet again with Wash Liquid. Go on until the nozzle surface is white and clean. The following photos are those of GT-541, looking through the mirror, but you can understand.

Set the Wiper Cleaner Cassette and close the Front Cover. Turn on your printer and be sure to do "Powerful" head cleaning to wash off the air bubbles in the nozzles. Make sure that the Wiper Cleaners are properly mounted by pushing a little bit from the top, moving right and left slightly.

After that, even if you did not clean all of the Print Heads, please do the "4 color normal" head cleaning because the Print Heads were left uncapped.

Print the "Nozzle Check Pattern" and find out if your cleaning worked well. If not enough, do the above process again.

Please take care in cleaning because the Print Head is really delicate, and very expensive .


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