Brother Bonding Technology

Introducing innovative seam construction – without sewing. Brother’s new bonding machine creates seamless garments with cutting-edge technology

Explore Brother bonding machine features

Precision control of material edges

• Two pieces of fabric laid over each other, creating a lap-seam with precise control of the fabric edging when overlapping.

•Precise control of adhesive when it is dispensed will ensure full adhesive coverage without having to worry about excessive adhesive or a lack of adhesive on the edges of your fabric.

Flat, tubular form construction capability

• Use one piece of fabric with overlapping edges to form a tubular construction. When bonded through your Brother machine, you can create shirt sleeves, pant legs, and more.

Liquid adhesive

• Brother’s bonding technology offers stretch capability with recoverability.

• The liquid adhesive has strong washability, allowing you to keep garments cleaner, longer.

• Brother’s liquid adhesive is tough enough to withstand heat and humidity.

Why choose Brother bonding technology

Find out why bonding machines are the future of seamless fashion

Woman in sports bra demonstrating smooth seams from bonding machines

Smooth, non-visible seams

Great for: Undergarments / Foundation Wear

Joining thin, flexible fabrics together is now possible. This method provides greater comfort, flexibility, and freedom of movement. Brother bonding technology lets you create seams that are virtually invisible, giving you a greater range of styles and fashions.

Person modeling pants utilizing bonding technology

Flexibility, comfort, & fashion

Great for: Activewear

Create beautiful activewear garments that are stylish while also providing greater flexibility & range of motion. These garments are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Brother bonding technology and adhesive provide strong, durable seams that are comfortable and work in a wide range of activewear styles.

Hand running along the smooth seam created by a bonding machine

Smooth to the touch

Many medical needs require compression garments that are practically seamless to aid in proper healing and comfort for patients. Brother’s bonding technology lets you construct compression garments that are smooth to the touch and feel comfortable against the skin

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Brother’s bonding system and adhesive technology work best with light, knit fabrics that are stretchy and flexible.

Brother bonding technology is not recommended for waterproof fabrics.

Currently only lap seams are possible using Brother bonding technology

Currently only lap seams are possible using Brother bonding technology

The Brother adhesive is a reactive polymer formulated specifically for the Brother bonding system.

Only the brother specially formulated adhesive should be used with Brother's bonding system.


Brother currently only offers a single adhesive for its bonding system.

During the bonding process, the adhesive is at approximately 25% strength. This allows for other processes to be performed on the garment fabric. The bonded seam will reach full strength within 24 hours given proper ambient conditions.

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