Tips & Tricks with Julie Fei Fan Balzer

Brother Crafts Blogger

I genuinely love the Brother ScanNCut. I use this machine all the time at home and on the set of Scrapbook Soup to create fabulous projects. In using the machine so often, I've gotten to explore its diverse functions for cutting both fabric and paper, and found ways to add special elements like scanning in my own handwriting. I'm happy to share some quick helpful tips and tricks to help you get crafting! Tips for Cutting Fabric:

  1. Use the High Tack Fabric Support Sheet always when cutting fabric.
  2. For a cotton weight quilting fabric, adjust your blade speed to 1, your pressure to 5, and your blade depth to 4.
  3. Keep separate blades for paper and fabric.  Paper dulls blades, that's why quilters have separate paper and fabric scissors.  Also: change your blade frequently when cutting fabric!!
  4. When cutting fabric with a fusible web, cut it paper/fusible side UP.
Tips for Scanning in Your Handwriting: This is probably my favorite thing to do with the ScanNCut.  In the video I share lots of tips on getting the best results when scanning in your handwriting and converting it to a cut file! I hope you enjoyed these videos and find these tips helpful. Happy crafting!
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