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It is always a super fun experience when I get to fly down to Tampa, Florida to appear live (eek!) on HSN (Home Shopping Network) for Brother and the ScanNCut. Here are five photos from my most recent HSN adventure!

This is Myriah. She's the Product Manager for the ScanNCutand she's awesome! In the photo below she's prepping the projects between segments. After each time we film we need to reset the projects so that we can do our demos again!

Hanging in the Green Room (a room with a closet, a makeup mirror, couches, snacks, etc.) with my watercolors. I must always have a crafty project (and a Diet Coke)! Notice my hoodie sweatshirt. The HSN studios are freezing! So I always bundle up.

With some down time between segments, Myriah and I headed to the beach. For two Northeast girls it's pretty amazing to be sitting outside at the beach this time of year!

HSN is totally exhilarating experience, and bit frightening. It's live. And there's a lot to juggle. There's an IFB in your ear where you can hear the producer's instructions. You're talking to the host. You're working on your project. You're trying to watch the lights on the cameras to know which one of three cameras to look into. You're trying to be mindful of time. You're answering questions. And it's all such fun!

If you'd like to catch the ScanNCut on HSN, tune in on: March 24. Check the HSN website for exact times and be sure to follow Brother Crafter on Facebook and Twitter for more details! Talk to you next week!

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