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Intro Post

I recently traveled down to Florida to show off the ScanNCut2 on HSN (Home Shopping Network). I think we did a pretty good job setting up a pretty table, don’t you?

table-wm copy

tabledetail-wm copy

Lots of projects made out of fabric, paper, vinyl, and everything in between!

When it’s time to head to set, there’s a long walk through the HSN halls where my stomach does flip flops and I feel like a condemned man taking a last walk.

longwalk-wm copy

The good news is that once I hit the set, my natural instincts kick in and I'm ready to start making faces and talking ScanNCut!


Originally, we were only supposed to have two airings, but we lucked into a third airing and the ScanNCut2 bundle (which included the Universal Pen Holder)

sold out! It’s such a good feeling when it sells out. I feel like I’ve done my job!

Speaking of my job, I made two projects that heavily used the Universal Pen Holder.

FoodIsLove-wm copy

detail1-wm copy

detail2-wm copy

I used the Universal Pen Holder to draw the circle shapes in a variety of sizes, using both a black and gold pen. Then I used the Direct Cut function to cut them out to use as embellishments.

detail4-wm copy

I also used the Universal Pen Holder to draw the circle shape on my background paper. I used a waterproof pen and was able to watercolor over the shapes without any ink running!

detail5-wm copy

detail6-wm copy

detail7-wm copy

I also used the Universal Pen Holder to sketch my title and then the Direct Cut function to cut it out!

My second project was a little stuffed horse!

Horse-wm copy

I used the Universal Pen Holder to draw the design onto lightly patterned fabric and then used my ScanNCut to cut the pieces out.

eye-wm copy

detail-wm copy

I stitched it together, stuffed it, added the tail and the eye and in no time at all I had an adorable toy!

tailwithhand-wm copy

tail-wm copy

Super duper easy!

Talk to you next week!