A Dash of Pizzaz! A No Sew Doggie Bandana

Give your four-legged friend a dab of style with this dazzling no-sew doggie bandana!


You will need:

  • Iron-On Transfer Sheet, scrap fabric in 2 colors of your choice, iron, High-Tack Fabric Adhesive sheet, Standard Mat, Thin Fabric Auto Blade, heat transfer vinyl (optional), ScanNCut


1. Trim a piece of fabric to be about 12” x 12.” Trim a piece of Iron-On Transfer sheet to be about the same size.

2. Following the instructions included, use an iron on a medium setting to apply the sheet to the wrong side of the fabric. Once the fabric and sheet are cooled, carefully peel off the sheet’s backing and discard.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 with a second color of fabric.

4. For the main color of fabric, apply the fabric adhesive sheet-side down onto a Standard Mat, using a High-Tack Fabric Support sheet if needed to make sure the fabric doesn’t slip around.

5. Navigate to the Pattern Tab on the machine and choose the Square option. Modify the shape to measure 10” x 10” and center the shape in the grid.

6. Use the thin fabric Auto Blade to cut out the shape from the fabric. Set aside.

7. Next, create a new cutting file on the machine. Create 2 10” long rectangles that are 1” to 1.5” wide.

8. Apply the secondary fabric color to the Standard Mat, fabric adhesive-side down.

9. Cut out the 2 rectangles using the cutting file you just created. Set aside.

10. Next, use the iron on a medium setting to “hem” the edges of the 10” x 10” square. Carefully crease down all 4 edges by about 0.5 inches on all sides, letting the iron-on adhesive bond the edges.

11. Using the iron again, carefully fold each contrasting-color strip in half longways and press with the iron to create a double-thick, crisp strip.

12. Turn the bandana square on a diagonal and place the colored strips along the center horizontal line. Fold the diamond in half around the colored strips, so that the ends stick out by 5 or 6 inches on either edge, with the bandana creating a triangle shape.

13. Use the iron to firmly press the bandana and contrast-color strips together into a final triangle shape. Let cool.

14. If desired, use heat-transfer vinyl and the on-machine Text function to add a custom initial to the bandana.

15. You’re done! Tie the bandana onto a furry friend and take a pic!