A Irish Inspired Clover Banner for St. Patrick’s Day

Intro Post

Get your home set for St. Patrick's Day with this lovely Lucky Clover Banner.

You will need:

  • Banner (each flag about 5” x 7”), fabric in contrasting color, iron-On appliqué sheets, ScanNCut DX, iron, high-tack fabric support sheet
  • Clovers.fcm


1. Download “Clovers.fcm” to your machine.
2. Read the instructions that come with the Iron-on Transfer sheets.
3. Using an iron, attach the Iron-on transfer sheet to the back side of the fabric you are going to use. Ensure that the sheet is firmly attached with the iron.
4. Peel off the sheet backing so that just the adhesive is left on the back of the fabric.
5. Apply the fabric with the Iron-On transfer sheet side down to the Standard Mat, using the high-tack fabric support sheet. Cut out the design.
6. Carefully remove the fabric cutout from the mat, being sure not to pull on or distort the fabric too much (this could cause fraying). Make sure that the transfer sheet remains stuck to the fabric as well. Set the cutouts aside.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 as many times as needed to fill all the flags of your banner.
8. Arrange the clovers onto each banner flag.

9. Use an iron on top of a press cloth to fuse the clovers onto each flag. Let cool.
10. Done!