A Trio of Scary Fun Halloween Projects

Intro Post

Get your home set for spooky ghosts, creepy ghouls, and scary monsters with a trio of Halloween inspired projects - a Trick or Treat DIY Sign, a snazzy “If you’ve got it, haunt it” T-Shirt, and fun Halloween Party Props.

You will need:

Trick or Treat DIY Sign
  • 10” x 18” Wooden craft sign - in a black color or paint it yourself!, White vinyl, Roll Feeder, Transfer paper, ScanNCut DX
  • TrickorTreat_Sign.fcm
  • White t-shirt, Black Heat-transfer vinyl, Iron, Press-cloth, Standard Mat
  • HauntIt_TShirt.fcm
Halloween Party Props
  • Head over to CanvasWorkspace and download the free project files "Halloween Photo Props" and the accompanying PDF to create this project.


Trick or Treat DIY Sign

1. Download TrickorTreat_Sign.fcm to your machine.
2. Load the roll feeder with white vinyl.
3. Cut out the decal design.
4. Weed away all excess vinyl.
5. Apply a piece of transfer sheet on top of the weeded vinyl design, using the sheet to remove the vinyl from the adhesive backing.
6. Using the transfer sheet, apply the vinyl design to the signboard. Carefully peel away the transfer sheet to reveal the finished object.
7. Done!


1. Download HauntIt_TShirt.fcm to your machine.
2. Place a sheet of black heat-transfer vinyl onto your mat, making sure to place the carrier (super shiny!) side down. Cut out the design using the 1/2 Cut settings.
3. Peel away all excess vinyl. There should only be your design left on a sticky clear sheet.
4. Place the vinyl sticky side down onto the center portion of the T-shirt.
5. Lay a piece of scrap fabric over your design and use an iron on medium heat (no steam) and press the design firmly into the fabric of the T-shirt. Make sure all parts of the design are pressed down.
6. Once the design is bonded to the material, let it cool for a few seconds.
7. Peel off the clear backing and let cool for a couple of minutes.
8. You’re done!

Halloween Party Props Head over to CanvasWorkspace and download the free project files and recipe PDF to create this project.