Adding Sparkle to Thanksgiving Décor

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Entertain your holiday guests in style this Thanksgiving. Add shimmering detail to your décor and enjoy crafty fun with your ScanNCut.

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The fun begins with The Rhinestone Kit! And the results are stunning.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.01.33 PM

To get started using The Rhinestone Kit, set the template sheet on the standard mat. Begin with the blade extension set to "6" and the cutting pressure set to "0." First, perform trial cutting. And then peel off the template sheet and that that its backing is not cut. Next, select and cut a rhinestone pattern made by ScanNCutCanvas. After cutting, peel off the template sheet, leaving the dots. Place the cut template sheet on a flat surface and peel off horizontally, in one quick motion. Place the backing board in the box, shiny side up. The backing board is reusable. Place the template sheet on the backing board. Place the rhinestones in the holes on the sheet. Use the brush to move the rhinestones into place. For precise rhinestone placement, use the pickup tool. When all the rhinestones have been placed in the holes, transfer them to the transfer sheet. Transfer the rhinestones to the fabric. Place a piece of cloth over the design, then iron for 45 - 60 seconds. Remove the iron, cloth and transfer sheet.

Watch for a detailed guide to using The Rhinestone Kit:

To learn more about the possibilities with 100 rhinestone pattern designs, the ability to create your own rhinestone patterns with Rhinestone Wizard and more special features, watch: