Colorful Mixed Media Picture Frame

ScanNCut Specialist May Flaum personalizes a picture frame with a mix media flower, vinyl decals, and her ScanNCut.

What you'll need:

ScanNCutDx, Standard mat, photo frame, thermoplastic sheet, acrylic paint, glue, sticker vinyl, transfer material, glitter glue (optional), flower pattern (I chose AR-A102 on the ScanNCutDX), flourish pattern (I chose AR-0025 on the ScanNCutDX).

When it comes to adding some DIY touches to a gift, I love to add to a photo frame! We all have cherished photos that should be up on those walls, and what better gift for Parent’s Day (July 28th) than a hand- crafted photo frame? There are many materials such as vinyl, buttons, or fabric that work well to add a decorative touch to a frame. You want to focus on what will look nice with your frame, for your recipient, and with the project you have in mind. For this tutorial, I will show you how the ScanNCutDX helps me to create a customized mixed media photo frame.