Craft Your Own Foam Stamps with ScanNCut

Opinion by Paid Consultant

Intro Post

You guys, making foam stamps with your ScanNCut is a super duper easy peasy breeze!  Watch the video for the how-to:

Here are the stamps I made in the video, along with the doodle I scanned in to create the large and small "pods on a stick" stamps:


Make stamps from your own drawings, clip art, the built-in designs in the machine...whatever you want!

I love to use foam stamps for Gelli Printing or any other "painty" application.  And now that I have such a quick and easy way of making unique foam stamps, I might quit cleaning them because if one gets all gunked up I can just make a new one!  I really hate cleaning....

What do you use your foam stamps for?

Talk to you next week!