Intro Post

Create a delicious 3D pineapple to add to your stylish 3D basket.

Machine Used: ScanNCut DX SDX125
Materials: Foam (variety of colors), hot glue, cardstock, standard ScanNCut mat

Top of Pineapple:

For the top leaves of the pineapple, create an overlay of (A), the outline and (B), the score image. Place images on top of one another and place on mat. Use washi tape to keep the papers from moving.

Scan image into machine and save image.

Remove top paper image (A) and rescan. You should have two images in your machine now. (A) and (B).

Load mat with green foam using Washi tape to secure material.

Retrieve previous scanned image (A) and line up on the green foam for cutting. On the settings, set up the half cut and set the cut pressure to -9. Press cut.

Keeping green foam on mat, retrieve image (B), set settings on full cut and keep cut pressure to -9 and press cut.

Once cutting has finished, remove green leaves from foam.

Bottom of the Pineapple:

Place image (C) and (D) on top of one another and apply to mat.

Scan image. Remove top layer (C) and scan again for the (D) layer.

Load mat with yellow foam.

Be sure to have the half-cut settings on and the cut pressure set to -9 when you retrieve image (C). Cut foam.

Retrieve image (D), change cut settings to Full Cut while keeping the cut pressure at -9. Press cut.

Remove yellow foam to find Pineapple body. Fold along cut lines and adhere with hot glue to create pineapple body.

Fold the green leaves and glue together. Place leaves on top and next you'll have the coolest pineapple on the block.