Create a Potpourri of Holiday Home Decor

Intro Post

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to create some festive home decor. See all the warm details below for snazzy pumpkin decals, a rustic table runner and finally, some decorative metallic leaves.

You will need:

Thanksgiving Vinyl Pumpkin Decals Gold vinyl roll, Roll Feeder, ScanNCut DX, white craft pumpkins (varying sizes), transfer sheets, Pumpkin Decals.fcm

Give Thanks Table Runner Burlap table runner, heat-transfer vinyl, iron, Standard Mat, ScanNCut, Table Runner.fcm

Metallic Paper Leaves Brown paper or cardstock, Metallic gold paint, paintbrush, ScanNCut, Low-tack mat, Autumn Leaves.fcm


Thanksgiving Vinyl Pumpkin Decals

1. Download “Pumpkin Decals.fcm” to your machine.
2. Load the roll feeder with gold vinyl.
3. Cut out the decal designs.
4. Weed away all excess vinyl.
5. Apply a piece of transfer sheet on top of each weeded vinyl design, using the sheet to remove the vinyl from the adhesive backing.
6. Using the transfer sheet, apply each vinyl design to your pumpkins. Carefully peel away each transfer sheet to reveal the finished object.
7. Done!

Give Thanks Table Runner 1. Download “Table Runner.fcm” to your machine. 2. Place a sheet of heat-transfer vinyl onto your mat, making sure to place the carrier (super shiny!) side down. Cut out the design. 3. Peel away all excess vinyl. There should only be your design left on a sticky clear sheet. 4. Place the vinyl sticky side down onto the end of the table runner, aligning it in a way that looks good to you. 5. Lay a piece of scrap fabric over your design and use an iron on medium heat (no steam) and press the design firmly into the table runner. Make sure all parts of the design are pressed down. 6. Once the design is bonded to the material, let the fabric cool for a few seconds. 7. Peel off the clear backing and let cool for a couple of minutes. 8. You’re done!

Metallic Paper Leaves

1. Download “Autumn Leaves.fcm” to your machine.
2. Apply paper to the low-tack mat, 3. Cut out the designs and set aside.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 to create as many leaves as you would like.
5. Once all leaves are cut out, lay down a protective covering of some sort (like newspaper) to protect your surface from paint.
6. Paint each paper leaf with one even layer of metallic paint. Set aside and let dry fully.
7. Use a pencil or similar round object to roll the edges of the leaves to make them look more three dimensional.
8. Done!