Honor heritage and culture by creating your own elegant Kwanzaa Kinara set.

You will need:

  • 7 small glass tea light holders, gold paper, red paper, ScanNCut, Low-Tack mat, red paint, black paint, dark green paint, paint brush, non-toxic adhesive, hot glue, tea lights (battery powered)
  • Kwanzaa_Flames.fcm


1. Start off by painting the tea light holders. Paint 3 green, 3 red, and 1 black. Paint one layer at a time, letting each layer dry fully in between. We painted each tea light with 3 layers to get the right paint coverage.
2. Let tea light holders dry completely.
3. Download “Kwanzaa_Flames.fcm” to your machine.
4. Load the mat with the gold and red paper; trim the paper as needed so that the top half of the mat is covered with the gold paper and the bottom half of the mat is covered with the red paper.
5. Cut out the designs.
6. Layer the red pieces on the center of the gold pieces, and secure with a dot of adhesive.
7. Finally, use a bead of hot glue to press each assembled “flame” onto the center of each tea light.
8. Insert a battery-powered tea light into each holder, and display!