Turn Supermarket Cupcakes into Fabulous Birthday Treats With Brother ScanNCut


  • Brother ScanNCut DX
  • Standard Auto Blade
  • Standard Mat
  • Book Pages
  • Toothpicks
  • Wet Adhesive
  • Flower Centers
  • Scissors
  • Cupcakes

I love preparing for any Birthday Months!

And now I must confess an awful truth: I don't really like cake.  I like the look of a cake and I love the look of a cupcake.  But I'd much rather simply eat ice cream or a cookie and call it a day.  Nevertheless, like I said, I do like the look of cupcakes and there's a certain two-year-old living in my house who can demolish a cupcake in no time at all.  So, for my birthday I decided to create a win-win: a crafty project for me and cupcakes for the little guy to eat!  I bought an inexpensive pack of relatively plain supermarket cupcakes and gussied them up with book pages I cut using my ScanNCut SDX330D.

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As you can see, I cut cupcake wrappers from book pages, and I made flower toothpick toppers from book pages.  It's a big improvement over how they originally looked:

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The cupcake wrappers are extremely simple to create:

  1. Find a cupcake wrapper cut file. The ScanNCut can read SVG and FCM cut files.
  2. Cut it out of an old book page.

I found that a slightly heavier book page cut the best.

As for the toothpick flowers, here's a quick guide to how to put them together:

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Cut 5 ten-petal flowers and keep the centers. This is one of the built-in designs in the ScanNCut DX 330D and many other models of ScanNCut.

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Cut the flowers as you see in the photo:

  • 1 petal & 9 petals
  • 2 petals & 8 petals
  • 3 petals & 7 petals
  • 4 petals & 6 petals
  • 5 petals & 5 petals

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Roll each of the flower sections and use a quick acting liquid adhesive to glue them together, as you see above.

Then all that’s left is to stack the flower pieces on a toothpick and add the center parts in order to create your finished flowers!

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If you need video instructions for these flowers, I did a tutorial on How To Make Paper Flowers from Book Pages on YouTube.

It’s truly amazing to see what you can do with a few old book pages when you’ve got a ScanNCut at your side!

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Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this sweet project!

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