Customize Hall Passes for your Class!

Fun, reusable hall passes so students can move through the hallways responsibly and safely! A great way for students to practice being independent in their school.


  • ScanNCut, small painted wood or particle board, black vinyl permanent, teal vinyl permanent, transfer tape, weeding tool, scrapper tool, lanyards

1) Using CanvasWorkspace, select your font and design for the hall passes (make sure you measure the surface to get the right size for the font).
2) Using the black vinyl, cut out the front hall passes with the destination. Using teal vinyl, cut out the back of the hall passes.

Note: You can save time by separating the two colors to 6-inch sides and cutting both front and back of the hall pass at the same time.

3) Weed out any excess vinyl.
4) Use the scraper to pull up the text.
5) Place the transfer tape over the area that you have decided on and press down with the scraper to adhere the text to the surface. Do this for the front and back of hall pass.

6) All set!