Intro Post

Give your sunglass case some unique style with help from your ScanNCut!

You will need:

Brother vinyl in black and white, sunglasses case, ScanNCut, roll feeder, transfer sheets.


  1. Load sunglasses.fcm to your machine, using the roll feeder function.
  2. Load the roll feeder with white vinyl to start. Cut out the design using the roll feeder. Weed out all of the extra vinyl and set aside.
  3. Repeat step 2 with black vinyl. You should now have 2 identical vinyl cutout patterns, in black and in white.
  4. Use a transfer sheet to apply the white vinyl pattern to the center of your sunglasses case first. Make sure it is aligned straight on the center.
  5. Remove the star portions of the design on the black vinyl cutout (we didn’t use them for our project).
  6. Use a transfer sheet to apply the black sunglasses over top of the white sunglasses on the case, but skewed slightly upwards at a 45° angle to create a 3D effect.
  7. Make sure that all bubbles are smoothed out.
  8. You’re done!