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Final Jacket 2

When I finished making this DIY denim jacket I literally said, “I’m going to wear this every day”, It’s summer, so it’s time to bust out the florals. I know what you’re thinking: What a surprise - florals for summer! But sometimes you just have to go with a classic. I am really big into prints this season (and I mean obnoxiously large prints), so I wanted to continue with that theme while using my Brother ScanNCut to create this handmade denim jacket.

My inspiration for this project is a flower pattern dress I created years ago. I have been searching for a jacket to pair with it, but couldn’t find what I wanted, so I figured that I might as well make it myself! I love the playful, colorful design of these flowers. I chose to include a ton of different colors of vinyl for this DIY mixed media project. That, paired with the white denim, makes it so this handmade denim jacket goes with almost anything in my closet.

Dress Inspo
Brother ScanNCut DX SDX85
White denim jacket
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Iron + Ironing board
Floral Cut Files: Tip - Save your files and open with your Brother CanvasWorkspace to get started!


1. Cut flowers and leaves in any size needed to completely cover the back of your jacket. Don’t be afraid to go as large as you want. This will make the process of covering your jacket go by quicker. Tip: Don’t cut one at a time. Cut one design in as many sizes as possible.

clip art collage

2. Layer the flowers and leaves on top of one another. Don’t be afraid to layer. It’s more pleasing to the eye this way.
3. Have fun!

Final Jacket 1