Did you know that April is National Kite Month? Well, to get you inspired and ready to soar, ScanNCut Specialist May Flaum creates an up, up and away scan-tastic Kite Card with her ScanNCut DX!

One of the things I love about the ScanNCut is the ability to weld pieces right on the machine screen. This feature makes it so simple to create new shapes and possibilities from built-in designs or your own creations. For this project, my inspiration was spring weather and kite flying. Making a card to fly into someone’s hands has never been so fun, and I love how this turned out.

Supplies needed: ScanNCutDX (or any SNC model!), standard mat, assorted cardstock, and patterned papers, string, liquid and dry adhesive, and (optional) sequins.

Get the lofty details here!

When you are all done, you'll be ready to fly this card off to a friend or family member!

This project would make fun banners, gift tags, or other paper décor projects as well with a few alterations! Have fun!