How To Make A Holiday Coaster Gift Set

Using the ScanNCut DX SDX325 or SDX330D and the Artspira app, learn how easy it is to make a fun set of Holiday coasters. Use the coasters to decorate your own home for the holidays or give them as gifts to family and friends.

Supplies & Tools:

List ALL supplies and tools used to create this project. Do not name third party products or supplies, instead use generic terms if not a Brother manufactured supply.

  • ScanNCut DX SDX325 or SDX330D
    • Including Spatula and Stylus
  • Standard Tack Mat 12” x 12” (CADXMATSTD)
  • Spatula and Precision Hook Basic Tool Set (CASPHK1) (Optional)
  • Brother 4” Brayer (CABRY1) (Optional)
  • Brother 3.9” Scraper (CASCP1) (Optional)
  • Brother Rotary Auto Blade Kit (CADXBLDR1) (Note: the SDX330D comes with the Rotary Auto Blade Kit)
  • Brother Adhesive Craft Vinyl
    • White (CAVINYLWT)
    • Gold (CAVINYLGD)
    • Dark Red (CAVINYLDKR)
    • Red (CAVINYLRD)
    • Green (CAVINYLGR)
    • Hunter Green (CAVINYLHGR)
    • Coral (CAVINYLCOR)
  • Brother Adhesive Transfer Paper with Grid (CAVINYLTPG)
  • Permanent Adhesive Spray or Glue
  • 4 - 4” ceramic tiles
  • 1 – 9” x 12” wool felt sheet
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Clear Gloss Acrylic topcoat/Resin
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Alcohol Pads


List each step taken to complete project with corresponding images within step out as needed to tell the full story of your unique project. Images and comments must be placed in the corresponding place within the blog or the blog may be deemed incomplete.

  1. Open the Artspira App and select Cutting Designs. Scroll and select the Holidays category and select the design you wish to transfer.
  2. Select Create at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Touch “Cutting Machine.” Select your ScanNCut from the list (if you have more than one ScanNCut linked to your Canvas Workspace account).
  4. Select Transfer. Touch Ok when you get the message “Data transfer is complete.”
  5. From the HOME screen of your ScanNCut, select “Retrieve Data.”
  6. Intro Post

  7. Select the Wireless Icon.
  8. Intro Post

  9. The design appears on the ScanNCut screen. In this tutorial we choose “Holly Day Cheer.” Touch OK.
  10. Intro Post

  11. Select Edit.
  12. Intro Post

  13. Touch the Multiple Selection Key.
  14. Intro Post

  15. Choose Select All. Touch OK.
  16. Intro Post

  17. Select Object Edit.
  18. Intro Post

  19. Touch the Group Key. Select Size.
  20. Intro Post

  21. Using the Plus and Minus Keys, size the whole design to 2.84” x 3.5.” Touch OK
  22. Intro Post

  23. Touch the Group Key again to ungroup the design.
  24. Intro Post

  25. Select the berries (the stylus is best for this) touch the Size Key.
  26. Intro Post

  27. Move the berries to the right side of the mat using the stylus and make note of the size of that part of the design.
  28. Intro Post

  29. Now select the leaves and move them to another area of the mat, noting the size.
  30. Intro Post

  31. Repeat with the word “Cheer.”
  32. Intro Post

  33. Repeat with the words “Holly Day.”
  34. Intro Post

  35. Finally select the background and make note of the size. Touch OK.
  36. Intro Post

  37. Select OK again.
  38. Intro Post

  39. Touch OK one more time.
  40. Intro Post

  41. Using the measurements taken above, cut out the adhesive vinyl as follows:
    • Red: 1” x 2.5”
    • Green: 1.25” x 3”
    • Dark Red: 1.5” x 2.5”
    • Hunter Green: 1.75” x 1.75”
    • Gold: 3” x 4”
  42. Intro Post

  43. Cut pieces of the Brother Adhesive Transfer Paper the same size as each of the adhesive vinyl pieces.
  44. Intro Post

  45. Place the adhesive vinyl down on the Standard Mat, paper side against the mat. The Brother 4” Brayer is great to use to ensure the material is stuck to the mat.
  46. Intro Post

  47. Insert mat into the ScanNCut DX machine in between the guides at the front of the ScanNCut.
  48. Intro Post

  49. Press the “Load” button.
  50. Intro Post

  51. Touch Scan.
  52. Intro Post

  53. Press Start. The ScanNCut will scan the mat. An image of the mat with the adhesive vinyl will appear on the screen.
  54. Intro Post

  55. Using the Stylus, move each element of the design over the corresponding color of adhesive vinyl on the screen.
  56. Intro Post

  57. Once the design is positioned, Touch OK.
  58. Intro Post

  59. Insert the Standard Auto Blade into the ScanNCut. Lock it in place with the lever.
  60. Intro Post

  61. Press “Please Select.”
  62. Intro Post

  63. Choose “Cut.”
  64. Intro Post

  65. Open the Tools Menu.
  66. Intro Post

  67. Scroll down to Page 2 and set “Half Cut” to on. Touch OK
  68. Intro Post

  69. Touch Start.
  70. Intro Post

  71. Once the ScanNCut finishes cutting, Touch OK.
  72. Intro Post

  73. Press the LOAD button to unload the mat.
  74. Intro Post

  75. Press the Home button.
  76. Intro Post

  77. Touch OK to delete the design.
  78. Intro Post

  79. Carefully remove the adhesive vinyl from the mat leaving the vinyl attached to the carrier sheets. The Brother Metal Spatula is helpful for this task.
  80. Intro Post

  81. Using the Brother Hook tool, carefully “WEED” and remove the adhesive vinyl around each part of the design that is not needed.
  82. Intro Post

  83. Repeat with all five pieces of the cut adhesive vinyl.
  84. Intro Post

  85. Peel each of the Brother Adhesive Transfer Papers from the paper backing and layer them over the each of the corresponding sized vinyl design parts.
  86. Intro Post

  87. Use the Brother ScanNCut Scraper to rub the top of the Transfer Paper over the adhesive vinyl to ensure that the vinyl clings to the Transfer Paper.
  88. Intro Post

  89. Use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol or an alcohol pad to clean the surface of the ceramic tile. This will remove any oil or dirt on the tile, ensuring a strong bond with the adhesive vinyl. Let the tile dry completely before attaching the vinyl.
  90. Intro Post

  91. Starting with gold background, carefully peel the Transfer Paper away from the vinyl carrier sheet. The gold background should stick to the transfer paper and peel easily from the carrier sheet.
  92. Intro Post

  93. Using the grid on the Transfer Paper, align the gold background over the top and centered on the ceramic tile. Press into place.
  94. Intro Post

  95. Rub the top of the Transfer Paper using the Brother Scraper over the vinyl. This will help the vinyl to stick securely to the tile.
  96. Intro Post

  97. Carefully peel the Transfer Paper away, leaving the gold background in position on the tile.
  98. Intro Post

  99. Repeat steps 48 through 51 using the remaining adhesive vinyl design elements, layering each element one on top of the other until the design is complete.
  100. Intro Post

  101. Remove the Standard Auto Blade from the ScanNCut by first unlocking the lever and then pulling up.
  102. Intro Post

  103. Insert the Rotary Auto Blade into the ScanNCut and lock it into place.
  104. Intro Post

  105. Place the sheet of craft felt on the Low Tack Mat and use the Brother ScanNCut Brayer to ensure a good stick to the mat.
  106. Intro Post

  107. Select Patterns.
  108. Intro Post

  109. Choose Subcategory 1 – Shapes
  110. Intro Post

  111. Select Shape BA-A003.
  112. Intro Post

  113. Using the Sizing arrows, set the shape size to 3.75” x 3.75”. Set the Number of shapes to 4. Touch Set.
  114. Intro Post

  115. Raise the Scanner Bar on the left side of the ScanNCut to position 2.
  116. Intro Post

  117. Insert the mat between the guides at the front of the ScanNCut.
  118. Intro Post

  119. Press the LOAD button.
  120. Intro Post

  121. Touch Scan.
  122. Intro Post

  123. Touch Start.
  124. Intro Post

  125. Move the four shapes on the screen so that they fit over the felt on the mat.
  126. Intro Post

  127. Touch OK
  128. Intro Post

  129. Choose “Please Select.”
  130. Intro Post

  131. Select “Cut.” Notice that the half cut setting is no longer on the screen. The ScanNCut knows that it cannot perform a half cut using the rotary blade, therefore it turns that function off.
  132. Intro Post

  133. Press Start.
  134. Intro Post

  135. Touch OK when the ScanNCut finishes cutting.
  136. Intro Post

  137. Press the LOAD button to unload the mat.
  138. Intro Post

  139. Press the Home button to clear the design from the screen.
  140. Intro Post

  141. Select OK.
  142. Intro Post

  143. Remove the felt shapes from the mat.
  144. Intro Post

  145. Using the adhesive of choice, glue the felt to the bottom of the tile coaster.
  146. Intro Post

  147. Final step: Using a foam brush, paint a clear acrylic or resin topcoat over the top of the coaster/adhesive vinyl. This will seal the vinyl to the tile.
  148. Intro Post

  149. The coaster is COMPLETE! Repeat the above process for the remaining three coasters. Note that the felt bottoms have already been cut for them.
  150. Intro Post

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