How to Cut Leather to Make Your Own DIY Leather Earrings

-Brother Sews Blogger

Leather earrings are really trendy right now and you can create your very own designs to wear yourself or give as a special gift! But don’t just stop at leather. You can use this same process to create fabric or cork earrings too! It’s quick, easy, and fun when the cutting machine does the hard work.

Supplies & Tools:
● ScanNCut DX Machine and Accessories
● ScanNCut DX Standard Cutting Mat
● ScanNCut DX Fabric Support Sheet
● Leather
● Awl & Felt Mat
● Wire Earrings
● Beads and Jump Rings (optional)

1. Place the Fabric Support Sheet onto a Standard Cutting Mat.

2. Place leather on top of the Fabric Support Sheet.
TIP: The Fabric Support Sheet is really sticky! Be sure to only put materials on it that you know you can peel back up again, or it will remain stuck on it. Keep it covered with the dust cover when not in use.

3. Load your mat into your machine.

4. Choose your design:
● On your ScanNCut DX Machine, click on “Patterns,” and then the shapes category.
● Scroll through and find the shape you want to use, click on it.
● Edit the size and total number of those shapes you want to cut and click “set.”
● Drag the shapes to where you want them to be if needed.

5. To begin cutting out your patterns click on “ok,” then select “cut,” and “start.”

6. After the machine has finished cutting click on “ok” and then unload your mat.

7. Remove all the leather pieces from the mat.

8. Use an awl to poke a hole where you want the earring wire to go through and then insert the earring wire.

9. If desired, add beads or other embellishments.

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