How I Easily Cut Adhesive Backed Magnet Sheets with My ScanNCut DX Machine


  • ScanNCut DX (SDX85)
  • Standard Mat
  • Standard Blade
  • Adhesive-Backed Magnet Sheet
  • Patterned Paper of Your Choice
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Brother Brayer, Brother Scraper

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One of my favorite things about the ScanNCut DX machine is how easy it makes cutting a wide variety of materials. I hardly have to think when I’m using the ScanNCut DX Auto Blade. The blade does all of the work for me!

In this video, I’m sharing how I used the ScanNCut SDX225 to cut through adhesive-backed magnet material, covered with a layer of hand painted paper. The ScanNCut SDX225 will cut through most materials up to 3mm and you can see in the video that it handles this magnet material – even layered with paper – easily and quickly.

Here are some takeaways from the video to remember:

1: Make sure that your patterned paper is well adhered to the magnetic material before cutting.

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You can use the Brother Brayer and/or Scraper to help you ensure the material is well adhered. If in doubt, you can use glue to adhere the paper to the magnet sheet. If you use a wet adhesive, please be sure that it is completely dry before attempting cutting.

As a side note, you could use fabric for this project and I think it would be super cute! You could also use photographs to make custom photo magnets that I think would be delightful.

2: Use a Standard Mat to cut the magnet sheet.

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The strong adhesive on the Standard Mat is ideal for holding heavy and slick materials, such as a magnet sheet.

3: The cutting process for a magnet sheet is the same as the cutting process for a piece of paper. You will use the same ScanNCut DX Auto Blade and leave all of the settings at their defaults.

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Remember, the machine will do the work of setting itself to get the best cut possible!

Making custom magnets is quick and easy when you’ve got a ScanNCut DX Machine at your side!

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Please note that these magnets are meant for adults. Children should be supervised if they are using magnets. Magnets are not to be used by unsupervised children.

Talk to you next month!

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