Pencil it in! It's World Teachers Day!

Intro Post

In honor of World Teachers Day, we created a greeting card with a little bit of foam, a few pieces of cardstock and of course, the ScanNCut. See all the fun details below!

You will need:

  • Yellow felt, kraft paper cardstock, pink craft foam, gray craft foam, black cardstock, non-toxic adhesive, ScanNCut, Standard tack mat, high-tack fabric support sheet

FCM files:


1. Download PencilCard_KraftPaper.fcm to your machine.
2. Attach the brown kraft paper to your mat. Cut out the pattern and set aside.
3. Download PencilCard_YellowFelt.fcm to your machine.
4. Attach the yellow felt to the mat, using the high-tack fabric support sheet if needed. Cut out the pattern and set aside.
5. Download PencilCard_Foam.fcm to your machine.
6. Select your foam colors and attach to the mat, ensuring that the proper colors align with each cut design. (Use the Scanning Function if needed) Cut out the pattern and set aside.
7. Download PencilCard_BlackPaper.fcm to your machine.
8. Place the black paper onto the mat and cut out the pattern. Set aside.
9. Gather all of the card materials and begin to assemble, layering the yellow felt and foam pieces on top of the kraft paper base to create the pencil shape. Layer the black pencil tips on the very top of the card design, front and back.
10. Use adhesive to attach the pieces firmly together. Use a weighty book or other material to press the card together after assembly, to make sure that the crease is clean and to make sure that the card won’t pop open too much.
11. You’re done!