ScanNCut Tips & Tricks! Mat Scoring Do Not Post!

Intro Post
Today I’m sharing the answer to a question that I get asked several times a week: Why is my ScanNCut DX AutoBlade cutting into my mat? What is wrong?! The answer is: nothing is wrong. This is normal and expected. Watch the video to see the kind of 'cutting into the mat' that I'm talking about. My biggest tip is: move your cut files around. Because the blade scores the mat, be vigilant about moving the cut files to different locations on the mat. When I'm cutting the same file over and over, I will rotate it every few cuts to avoid cutting in the same place every single time. And finally, remember that your mats are consumables -- like printer ink. They're meant to be used and will have to be replaced over time. Here's the super cute cut from the video: 
It's one of the built-in files in my machine! I hope you found this tutorial useful. Talk to you next week!
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