Summer Hosting Tips & Tricks: Drink Glasses

Add some summer time flair to your drink glasses with these fun fruit inspired decals.

You will need: Drink glasses (of your choice in type/style), Brother vinyl in various colors, ScanNCut DX, roll feeder, cardstock, twine, non-toxic glue.


For CanvasWorkspace Tag craft:

  1. Download 000038A.fcm to your machine. (This is a CanvasWorkspace pattern.)
  2. For each tag, choose a color of paper for the top layer and the bottom layer. (We chose white for the bottom layer and orange for the top layer.)
  3. Trim your paper pieces to align with the cutting pattern on the mat. Use the machine’s scanning function to double-check that the placement is correct.
  4. Cut the pattern.
  5. Use glue to attach the layers of the tags together, and string twine through the top hole of the tag. Loop around the top of a glass (we used a standard mason jar) and tie a bow to secure.
  6. Done!

For Watermelon Decals:

  1. Download WatermelonSeeds.fcm to your machine.
  2. Load the roll feeder with black vinyl.
  3. Cut the seed shape pattern, remove the black vinyl from the machine and set aside.
  4. Download WatermelonRind.fcm to your machine.
  5. Select a light green vinyl color and load it into the roll feeder.
  6. Cut out the pattern and set aside.
  7. Select a darker green vinyl color and load it into the roll feeder, repeating the same process over again with the same cut files.
  8. Now, take the black watermelon seeds and arrange on the top half of the glass, scattering to mimic a watermelon.
  9. Take the light and dark green vinyl shapes and layer over one another on the bottom half of the glass, mimicking the striping texture of a watermelon rind.

For Pineapple Decals:

  1. For this project, we used Brother vinyl in metallic gold.
  2. Download “Pineapples.fcm” to your machine.
  3. Load the roll feeder with the metallic gold vinyl.
  4. Cut the pineapple shapes.
  5. Apply the pineapples in a scattered pattern to the glass.