Take a Peek at the HSN & ScanNCut Action

Brother Crafts Blogger

Hi! It’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! I was at HSN (Home Shopping Network) last month and I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes peeks:
Myriah This is Myriah. She's awesome. A ScanNCut expert at Brother, she makes great crafting moments like this happen. She’s pictured here prepping stuff for our segments. (And she takes very good care of me on the road. I was sick on this trip, so I felt super lucky to have her! Here's a closer look at the table:
JBHSN1 Lots of fabric projects.  My friend Kacia Hosmer, aka Coconut Robot, (whose great projects have been featured here on the blog) made the quilt.
JBHSN3 You can see several different projects all made from the same basic doodles, and of course, I love cutting out titles using my own handwriting!
JBHSN4 I’m really excited about how well the segments went, even with me not feeling 100%. I’m happy to be working with Brother and I love creating and talking about these projects. One of the things that I'm most proud of is this card:
JBHSN8 We decided we wanted a quick project to show off the "Direct Cut" function of the ScanNCut. Thanks to how easy the machine is to use, in about 10 minutes, I put this card together backstage. It started as a piece of patterned paper -- black with white stars.  The ScanNCut detected the stars, cut them out, and left me with a very cool piece of paper. I adhered the cut out paper (which would also make a great stencil) to a blank card with foam adhesive -- so that you'd really see those cut outs.  I used one of the cut out stars as an embellishment (more foam adhesive) and I drew the word "Superstar" and let the ScanNCut cut around it so that I could adhere it to the card front.  That built-in scanner really does open up the possibilities of what you can do! And here I am (with a very good camera angle) showing off my fabulous creation:
JBHSN9 I hope you enjoyed this backstage peek at my HSN experience! Be sure to tune in to HSN throughout the day on September 3, 2014 for HSN's celebration of National Sewing Month and my demonstrations of the SNC machine! Talk to you next week!