Unveiling the New ScanNCut2 at Brother's B2B Conference

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In August I spent seven days in Nashville for Brother's B2B, or Back to Business Conference. This is an annual conference that Brother hosts for its dealers. It's an event that's all about educating the dealers on the new products and accessories so that they can do the best job possible selling them.


The conference opened with a big reveal of all the new products!


Lots of speeches, some dancing, a fashion show, and plenty of video -- including one of me! It was a surreal and wonderful experience to see myself up there. I feel very proud to be a part of ScanNCut's success!

This year's conference was a little bit different for me because I taught a class. I taught the same hour-and-a-half class ten times. It was amazing to learn how quickly you can fine tune a class when you teach it that many times. By class number ten, I had it down pat! Here's a peek at the classroom:



Before the conference started we decorated the walls with lots of ScanNCut projects! Here are some projects created by May Flaum:



She cut all the applique bits with the ScanNCut!

I met lots of really nice dealers from across the country and around the globe!


It was quite exciting to get to reveal the new ScanNCut 2 to all of the dealers. My class focused on the new accessories: the stamp kit, the stencil material, and the new Universal Pen Holder. The dealers seemed to love it all and I hope that you will too!

Talk to you next week!

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