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Did you know? The ScanNCut machine has the ability to cut a wide variety of material from as thin as cellophane and tissue paper, to as thick as chipboard and denim! Check out how we created this fun “Thank You” card using something a little different – denim.


Since cutting through denim is different from cutting through simple fabric such as a thin piece of 100% cotton, we thought it would be great to pass onto our fans some tips when cutting denim on the ScanNCut machine.


Step 1: Starch and iron you fabric so that it is nice and stiff. This will allow for a smooth cutting surface while running your material through the ScanNCut machine.


Step 2: Use the high tack adhesive fabric support sheet (CASTBL2) to help secure your fabric, and which will also protect the surface of your mat while you cut your design.


Step 3: Use a brayer to adhere your fabric securely to your mat. These three simple steps will be sure to help while working with difficult material such as denim.